The interdisciplinary approach of Music and Medieval Manuscripts is modeled on the work of the scholar to whom the book is dedicated. Professor Andrew Hughes is recognized internationally for his work on medieval manuscripts, combining the areas of paleography, performance, liturgy and music. All these areas of research are represented in this collection with an emphasis on the continuity between the physical characteristics of medieval manuscripts and their different uses. Albert Derolez provides a landmark and controversial essay on the origins of pre-humanistic script, while Margaret Bent proposes a new interpretation of a famous passage from a fifteenth-century poem by Martin Le Franc. Timothy McGee contributes an innovative essay on late-medieval music, text and rhetoric. David Hiley discusses musical changes and variation in the offices of a major saint‘s feast, and Craig Wright presents an original study of Guillaume Dufay. Jan Ziolkowski treats the topic of neumed classics, an under-explored aspect of the history of medieval pedagogy and the transmission of texts. The essays that comprise this volume offer a unique focus on medieval manuscripts from a wide range of perspectives, and will appeal to musicologists and medievalists alike.

part 1|1 pages


chapter 1|17 pages

The Script Reform of Petrarch: An Illusion?

ByDerolez Albert

chapter 2|40 pages

Tres digiti scribunt: A Typology of Late-Antique and Medieval Pen Grips

ByRosenfeld Randall

chapter 3|29 pages

Erasures in Thirteenth-Century Music

ByHaines John

part 2|1 pages


chapter 4|37 pages

The Musical Stanzas in Martin Le Franc’s Le Champion des Dames 1

ByBent Margaret

chapter 5|23 pages

Women’s Lament and the Neuming of the Classics

ByZiolkowski Jan M.

chapter 6|31 pages

Baghdadi Rhythmic Theories and Practices in Twelfth-Century Andalusia 1

ByGeorge Dimitri Sawa

chapter 7|25 pages

Problems and Possibilities in the Performance of Trent 93’s

ByBrian E. Power

chapter 8|54 pages

Music, Rhetoric, and the Emperor’s New Clothes

ByTimothy J. McGee

part III|1 pages


chapter 9|16 pages

Fifteenth-Century Yorkshire Drama: A Hypothesis

ByAlexandra F. Johnston

chapter 10|21 pages

Civic Musicians in Wales and the Marches, 1430–1642

ByKlausner David

chapter 11|23 pages

A Few Odd Visits: Unusual Settings of the Visitatio sepulchri

BySymes Carol

part IV|1 pages


chapter 14|31 pages

Early Cycles of Office Chants for the Feast of Mary Magdalene

ByDavid Hiley

chapter 15|19 pages

The Kenilworth Missal (Chichester Cathedral, MS Med. 2)

ByRichard Pfaff

chapter |9 pages

Publications of Andrew Hughes 1

ByKarl Loo