The Handbook of Public Sector Economics builds an understanding of the role of public economics in public administration, public policy, and decision making. The handbook introduces a wide variety of current issues related to the public provision and production of goods and services.

The volume documents the history of economics and fiscal doctrine, explores the theory of public goods and the structures from which resources are collected and expanded, and analyzes heavily debated issues of economics that are important to current and future practitioners of public policy and administration. It focuses on the effects of fiscal policy on savings and investment, consumer behavior, labor supply, wealth, property, and trade. Written in a simple and straightforward style, the initial chapters establish the foundation of public economics, with the subsequent chapters addressing the collection and distribution of government resources and market reactions to fiscal policies.

part I|2 pages

Introduction to Public Economics and Fiscal Doctrine

chapter 1|84 pages

The Evolution of Economics

The Search for a Theory of Value
ByLynn C. Burbridge

chapter 2|22 pages

Basic Economics of Fiscal Decentralization

ByWilliam Voorhees

chapter 3|32 pages

Voting and Representative Democracy

ByBeckett-Camarata Jane

chapter 4|25 pages

Bureaucracy and Bureaucrats

ByPatricia Moore

part II|2 pages

Theory of Public Goods

chapter 5|40 pages

Public Goods

ByPaul C. Trogen

chapter 6|24 pages

Provision and Production of Public Goods

ByJ. Eger III Robert

part III|2 pages

Collection, Allocation, and Distribution of Resources

chapter 7|36 pages

Tax Systems and Structures

ByCarol Ebdon

chapter 8|20 pages

Fiscal Characteristics of Public Expenditures

ByLeland Suzanne

chapter 9|32 pages

Intergovernmental Grants

ByShama Gamkhar

chapter 10|52 pages

Public Debt and Stability

ByGary R. Rassel

chapter 11|32 pages

Transportation Infrastructure

ByJohn R. Bartle

chapter 12|16 pages

E-Government Expenditures

ByDonijo Robbins, Gerald J. Miller

part IV|2 pages

Market Reactions Collection, Allocation, and Distribution

chapter 13|98 pages

Government Fiscal Policy Impacts

ByGerald J. Miller

chapter 14|38 pages

Taxation and Consumer Behavior

ByHelisse Levine-Schayowitz

chapter 15|118 pages

Federal Taxes and Decision Making

Individual Income, Corporate Income, and Social Security Taxes
ByD. Wong John

chapter 16|26 pages

Wealth, Property, and Asset-Building Policy in the U.S.

ByRenée A. Irvin

chapter 17|38 pages

International Trade and Public Policy

The Big Picture
ByRafael Reuveny