This encyclopedic reference/text provides an analysis of the basic issues and major aspects of bureaucracy, bureaucratic politics and administrative theory, public policy, and public administration in historical and contemporary perspectives. Examining theoretical, philosophical, and empirical interpretations, as well as the intricate position of b

chapter 2|11 pages

Administration of the Spanish Empire in the Americas

ByW. Hopkins Jack

chapter 4|24 pages

Max Weber: Victim of Ethnocentric Mishandling, or How Weber Became a Management Consultant

ByLeivesley Robert, Carr Adrian, Kouzmin Alexander

chapter 5|14 pages

Getting at the Essence of the Administrative State

ByE. Caiden Gerald

chapter 7|51 pages

Bureaucracy: A Profound Puzzle for Presidentialism

ByW. Riggs Fred

chapter 8|15 pages

Mal-Leaders and Organizational Decline

ByLynn Marcia, Dorothy Whicker, Dorothy Whicker, ski Olshf, J. Caprio Raphael, Strickland Ruth Ann

chapter 9|18 pages

Government Reorganization: A Theoretical Analysis

ByB. Guy Peters

chapter 12|16 pages

Bureaucracy and Modernization

ByJohnson Harry M.

chapter 13|13 pages

The Role of Efficiency in Bureaucratic Study

ByLauer Schachter Hindy

chapter 14|12 pages

The Thatcher Agenda, the Civil Service, and “Total Efficiency”

ByL. Dillman David

chapter 15|11 pages

Culture and Management: Are Western Management Styles Transferable?

ByVengroff Richard, Ndiaye Momar, Lubatkin Michael

chapter 17|8 pages

A Public Service for the Twenty-First Century

ByStahl O. Glenn

chapter 18|8 pages

Ethical Foundations

ByStahl O. Glenn

chapter 23|18 pages

Organizational Conflict

ByKlausner Michael, Ann Groves Mary

chapter 24|12 pages

Improving Productivity Through Demographic Literacy

ByHalachmi Arie

chapter 26|14 pages

Three Efforts at Managing Crises from FDR's White House

ByD. Van Beek Stephen

chapter 27|18 pages

Supreme Court Articulation of the Politics/Administration Dichotomy

ByA. Schultz David

chapter 33|16 pages

Bureaucracy and Development in the Brazilian Northeast, 1880-1964

ByZirker Daniel

chapter 34|12 pages

Peruvian Population Policy Under Garcia

ByLon S. Felker

chapter 37|14 pages

A Traditional Bureaucracy in Turbulence: Whitehall in the Thatcher Era

ByJames B. Christoph

chapter 38|12 pages

Public Bureaucracy in Korea

ByBun Woong Kim

chapter 39|14 pages

A Subordinate Bureaucracy: The Philippine Civil Service Up to 1992

ByLedivina V. Carino

chapter 41|16 pages

Bureaucracy and Rural Development in Bangladesh

ByHabib M. Zafarullah, Mohammad Mohabbat Khan

chapter 42|16 pages

Bureaucracy in the Ottoman-Turkish Polity

ByMetin Heper