Philosophers 'do' 'it', literary critics 'do' 'it', even architects, poets, painters 'do' 'it'. It can involve the concepts of capital, politics, and justice. So what, after all, is deconstruction? Deconstruction: A Reader makes an answer to this question available in the only way possible - by offering a selection of breathtaking range and depth of essential texts. With more than sixty selections by fifty contributors, including nine pieces by Jacques Derrida, this is the ultimate anthology of deconstructive reading, demonstrating that deconstruction is vivid, surprising, varied, and true to the text.

part I|2 pages

Part 1: Avant la Lettre

chapter 1_1|4 pages

From Capital

chapter 1.4|9 pages

‘Critique of Violence’

chapter 1_6|9 pages

‘The Moment After’

chapter 1_8|4 pages


part II|2 pages

Part 2: Opening Remarks

part IV|2 pages

Part 4: Literature

chapter 4_1|9 pages

‘Derrida’s Topographies’

chapter 4_2|4 pages

‘Autobiography as De-Facement

chapter 4_3|2 pages

‘Ghost Writing’

chapter 4_4|12 pages

‘The Phantom Review’

chapter 4_5|8 pages

‘Hamlet’s Dilemma’

part V|2 pages

Part 5: Culture

chapter 5_3|6 pages

‘Violence of Architecture’

chapter 5_4|9 pages

‘Thinking Technicity’

chapter 5_5|10 pages

‘Toward a Narcoanalysis’

chapter 5_6|9 pages

‘Speech Acts Politically’

chapter 5_7|10 pages

‘Homoeconopoesis I’

part VI|2 pages

Part 6: Sexual Difference

chapter 6.1|8 pages

‘Unnecessary Introductions’

chapter 6.2|9 pages

‘The Same Difference’

chapter 6.4|7 pages


chapter 6.5|10 pages

‘Recognising The Virus’

part VII|2 pages

Part 7: Psychoanalysis

part VIII|2 pages

Part 8: Politics

part IX|2 pages

Part 9: Ethics

part X|2 pages

Part 10: The Work Of Mourning

part XI|2 pages

Part 11: Closing Statements