This book focuses on art, palaeography, bindings and the monastic library. It is based on lectures given at the Association's Annual Conference, the 20th in the present series, which was held at Bury St Edmunds, from 16 to 20 April 1994: three specially commissioned articles are also included.

chapter |15 pages

The Romanesque Church of Bury St Edmunds Abbey

ByE. C. Fernie

chapter |12 pages

The West Front of the Abbey Church

ByJ. Philip McAleer

chapter |12 pages

The Saint Edmund Cycle in the Crypt at Saint-Denis

ByPamela Z. Blum

chapter |12 pages

Medieval Metalworking and Bury St Edmunds

ByMarian Campbell

chapter |17 pages

The Planning of the Town of Bury St Edmunds: A Probable Norman Origin

ByBernard Gauthiez

chapter |13 pages

The Medieval Town of Bury St Edmunds

ByMargaret Statham

chapter |11 pages

The Mint at Bury St Edmunds

ByR.J. Eaglen

chapter |11 pages

Mid-13th-Century Accounts from Bury St Edmunds Abbey

ByP. D. A. Harvey

chapter |22 pages

The Abbey Woods

ByOliver Rackham

chapter |14 pages

The Production and Artistry of the Bury Bible

ByT. A. Heslop

chapter |10 pages

Some 12th-Century Bindings from the Library of St Edmunds

ByJennifer M. Sheppard