Our image of Beethoven has been transformed by the research generated by a succession of scholars and theorists who blazed new trails from the 1960s onwards. This collection of articles written by leading Beethoven scholars brings together strands of this mainly Anglo-American research over the last fifty years and addresses a range of key issues. The volume places Beethoven scholarship within a historical and contemporary context and considers the future of Beethoven studies.

part I|149 pages

History and Historiography

chapter [1]|10 pages

The Biographical Method

ByCarl Dahlhaus

chapter [2]|32 pages

Beethoven's Hero

ByScott Burnham

chapter [4]|14 pages

Beethoven before 1800: The Mozart Legacy

ByLewis Lockwood

chapter [5]|17 pages

Beethoven and the London Pianoforte School

ByAlexander L. Ringer

chapter [6]|37 pages

New Roads to Old Ideas in Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis *

ByWarren Kirkendale

part II|132 pages

Documents and Sketches

chapter [7]|12 pages

Beethoven’s Birth Year

ByMaynard Solomon

chapter [8]|21 pages

Das ,,Heiligenstädter Testament“ im Licht der Freimaurerei.

Beethovens ,,letzter Wille“ als ein Beweis für seine Zugehörigkeit zur Logenbruderschaft?
ByHans-Werner Küthen (Bonn)

chapter [9]|16 pages

New Light on Beethoven’s Letter to an Unknown Woman

ByMaynard Solomon

chapter [10]|3 pages

Conversations with Beethoven

ByAlan Tyson

chapter [12]|37 pages

Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony: Sketches for the First Movement*

ByPhilip Gossett

part III|118 pages


chapter [14]|18 pages

Tovey’s Beethoven

ByJoseph Kerman

chapter [15]|24 pages

A Case Study for Interpretation

The Third Movement of Op. 106 (Hammerklavier)
ByRobert S. Hatten

chapter [17]|15 pages

The Significance of Recapitulation in the “Waldstein” Sonata

ByMichael Spitzer

chapter [18]|22 pages

Beethoven’s Experiments in Composition: The Late Bagatelles

ByEdward T. Cone

part IV|121 pages

Aesthetics and Hermeneutics

chapter [19]|34 pages

Adorno’s Diagnosis of Beethoven’s Late Style: Early Symptom of a Fatal Condition

ByRose Rosengard Subotnik

chapter [20]|18 pages

Beethoven and Romantic Irony

ByRey M. Longyear

chapter [22]|19 pages

Beethoven and Masculinity

BySanna Pederson

chapter [23]|16 pages

Resisting the Ninth

ByRichard Taruskin

chapter [24]|13 pages

Beethoven’s Myth Sympathy: Hollywood’s Re-Construction

ByHolly Rogers