Providing an in-depth look at the processes, pitfalls, and successes that can emerge from major education reform efforts at the state level, this volume covers the full policy change cycle in the development and transformation of the Illinois principal preparation program. Offering perspectives from the major stakeholder groups involved in transforming Illinois principal preparation—school districts, universities, state education agencies, teachers unions, and professional associations—this book documents the three distict policy stages: policy formation, implementation, and improvement. As a national award-winning leader in principal preparation policy and practice, Illinois serves as a model for effective policy reform. Grounded in a strong theoretical framework, this volume provides candid observations and lessons learned for researhers, scholars, and policymakers.

section 1|121 pages

Policy Formation

chapter 1|25 pages

Setting the Stage for State Policy Change Involving Principal Preparation in Illinois

The What and How
ByAlicia Haller, Erika Hunt, Debra Baron

chapter 2|34 pages

Applying the Advocacy Coalition Framework to the Policy Change Process in Illinois

ByAlicia Haller, Erika Hunt, Debra Baron

chapter 3|27 pages

Policy Transfer from Local to Statewide

Scaling Evidence-Based Principal Preparation Practices in Illinois
ByDiane Rutledge, Steve Tozer

chapter 4|33 pages

Durable Levers for State Policy Change

Independent Policy Entrepreneurs
ByLynne Haeffele, Jim Applegate

section 2|62 pages

Policy Implementation

chapter 5|25 pages

The Role of Policy Networks to Support Policy Diffusion through Implementation

A Multi-case Study of Four Universities Working Together
ByLisa Hood, Erika Hunt, Alicia Haller, Debra Baron

chapter 6|35 pages

Modeling Innovation into Principal Preparation

The Illinois Partnerships Advancing Rigorous Training (IL-PART) Project
ByKathy Black, Maureen Kincaid, Kathleen King, Pamela Bonsu, Melissa Brown-Sims, Matthew Clifford

section 3|59 pages

Policy Improvement and Sustainment

chapter 7|25 pages

Monitoring Implementation

Findings and Implications from a Statewide Study
ByBradford R. White, Amber Stitziel Pareja, Holly Hart, Michelle Hanh Huynh, Brenda K. Klostermann, Janet K. Holt

chapter 9|13 pages

Statewide Collaborations for Improvement

Lessons Learned from the State of Illinois
ByMichelle D. Young, Marcy A. Reedy