Bridging a gap between higher education research and women’s and gender studies, this volume explores the conceptual underpinnings and methodological implications involved in researching different concepts commonly associated with gender, including queer, trans*, women, men, feminisms, intersectionality, alongside discussions about the term gender itself. Drawing on a range of empirical experiences and methodological frameworks, chapter authors consider the ethical, political, theoretical, and practical questions that arise when conducting gender-related research in college and university contexts. This book is a foundation for understanding the complexities of gender, as well as a site for envisioning new futures for educators and researchers in this emerging global discipline.

chapter |11 pages


Starting with Concepts: A (Re)Introduction

chapter 1|17 pages

Starting with Gender

Definitional Politics in International Higher Education Research

chapter 2|18 pages

Starting with Feminisms

Asking Feminist Questions, Enacting Feminist Praxis in Higher Education

chapter 3|15 pages

Starting with Women

In the Same Boat? Academic Women and Academic Womanhood in Higher Education Research

chapter 4|21 pages

Starting with Men

Emancipatory Possibilities for Higher Education Praxis

chapter 5|15 pages

Starting with Sexuality

Conceptualizing (Mis)translations of Sexualities and Genders as Willful Strategies of Organizational Survival at a Mexican University

chapter 6|28 pages

Starting with LGB(T)

Methodological Considerations in Quantitative Gender and Sexual Identity Research in Higher Education

chapter 7|18 pages

Starting with Queer

An Enigmatic Concept for Higher Education Research and Practice

chapter 8|17 pages

Starting with Trans*

The Effects of Methodological Violence through Gender Categorization in Higher Education Research

chapter 9|18 pages

Starting with Community/ies?

Intentional Beginnings as Sites for Trans*Formative Higher Education Praxis

chapter 10|18 pages

Starting with Sexual Harassment

Gender Politics in the Contemporary Indian University

chapter 11|17 pages

Starting with Mother

Contesting the Gendered Binaries of Care Operating in Higher Education

chapter 12|17 pages

Starting with Intersectionality

Entanglements of Gender, Race and Class in Student Experiences of Higher Education

chapter 13|9 pages

Continuing with Concepts

Categorical Imaginings and Possibilities for Reinvention