This volume tells the story of the legacy and impact of the great German polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716). Leibniz made significant contributions to many areas, including philosophy, mathematics, political and social theory, theology, and various sciences. The essays in this volume explores the effects of Leibniz’s profound insights on subsequent generations of thinkers by tracing the ways in which his ideas have been defended and developed in the three centuries since his death. Each of the 11 essays is concerned with Leibniz’s legacy and impact in a particular area, and between them they show not just the depth of Leibniz’s talents but also the extent to which he shaped the various domains to which he contributed, and in some cases continues to shape them today. With essays written by experts such as Nicholas Jolley, Pauline Phemister, and Philip Beeley, this volume is essential reading not just for students of Leibniz but also for those who wish to understand the game-changing impact made by one of history’s true universal geniuses.

chapter |20 pages


Making Waves: Leibniz’s Legacy and Impact
ByLloyd Strickland, Julia Weckend

part Part I|105 pages

Early Receptions

chapter 1|30 pages

Leibniz and the Royal Society Revisited 1

ByPhilip Beeley

chapter 2|34 pages

Staying Optimistic!

The Trials and Tribulations of Leibnizian Optimism
ByLloyd Strickland

chapter 3|25 pages

On Leibniz and Hume—A Point of Contact

ByJulia Weckend

chapter 4|14 pages

Kant’s “True Apology for Leibniz”

ByNicholas Jolley

part Part II|115 pages

Legacy in Science and Metaphysics

chapter 5|36 pages

Leibnizian Conservation in d’Alembert’s Traité de dynamique

ByTzuchien Tho

chapter 6|37 pages

Russian Leibnizianism

ByFrédéric Tremblay

chapter 7|23 pages

Monkeys and Monads

The Unexpected Marriage between Darwinism and Leibnizian Metaphysics
ByJeremy Dunham

chapter 8|17 pages

“The Point of View is in the Body”

On the Leibnizian Turns of Anthropology
ByArnaud Pelletier

part Part III|65 pages

Impact in Law, Political Thought and Ecology

chapter 9|23 pages

The Impact of Leibniz’s Geometric Method for the Law

ByChristopher Johns

chapter 10|19 pages

Leibniz and Political Thought

ByDouglas Moggach

chapter 11|21 pages

Theoria cum praxi

Leibniz’s Legacy into the Future
ByPauline Phemister