Person-centered care for persons with dementia has been developed and expanded over the last few decades. Speech-language pathologists are uniquely positioned to understand the striking impact that communication challenges have on persons with dementia and their caregivers, and can lead the charge to improve access to communication and participation. This volume serves as a starting point and reference manual for those who want to provide person-centered and life-enhancing services to persons with dementia, and to inspire the continued generation of quality research to demonstrate the value of cognitive-communication, behavioral, and caregiver interventions. It serves as a call to action for an interprofessional team of healthcare providers across healthcare settings to promote meaningful life engagement in persons with dementia using evidence-based assessment and intervention approaches.

This volume provides background on the evolution of caring for persons with dementia, as well as a description of the diagnostic process for dementia syndromes and the cognitive and communication characteristics of dementias with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s dementia. Its chapters cover the person-centered assessment process for persons with cognitive and communicative disorders of dementias; intervention approaches for the wide variety of cognitive, communicative, eating/swallowing, and behavioral symptoms and consequences of dementia syndromes; reimbursement and documentation issues for various settings in which persons with dementia are seen; and issues and challenges of quality of life and end-of-life care.

chapter 1|10 pages


History and Philosophy of Treatment in Dementia
ByMichelle S. Bourgeois, Ellen M. Hickey

chapter 2|31 pages

Clinical and Pathophysiological Profiles of Various Dementia Etiologies

ByTammy Hopper, Ellen M. Hickey, Michelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 3|39 pages

Cognitive-Communicative Characteristics

Profiling Types of Dementia
ByNidhi Mahendra, Ellen M. Hickey, Michelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 4|32 pages

Setting the Stage for Person-Centered Care

Intervention Principles and Practical Considerations
ByEllen M. Hickey, Renee Kinder, Becky Khayum, Natalie F. Douglas, Michelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 5|55 pages

Assessment of Cognition, Communication, and Behavior

ByEllen M. Hickey, Becky Khayum, Michelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 6|46 pages

Cognitive and Communicative Interventions

ByEllen M. Hickey, Michelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 7|46 pages

Interprofessional Interventions for Participation and Quality of Life

ByEllen M. Hickey, Michelle S. Bourgeois, Jennifer Brush

chapter 8|40 pages

Eating and Swallowing

Description, Assessment, and Intervention
ByEllen M. Hickey, Stuart Cleary, Pamela Coulter, Michelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 9|35 pages

Family Caregiver Issues and Training

ByMichelle S. Bourgeois

chapter 10|16 pages

Professional and Paraprofessional Caregiver Training and Supervision

ByNatalie F. Douglas, Michelle S. Bourgeois, Ellen M. Hickey

chapter 11|30 pages

Quality of Life and End of Life Issues

ByEllen M. Hickey, Michelle S. Bourgeois