Bringing together a comprehensive range of extended research-based chapters, English Language Teacher Preparation in Asia provides comprehensive insight into policy, research, and practical aspects of teacher preparation for English teachers at pre-service level across multiple contexts in Asia.


Written by local and international scholars specialising in TESOL Teacher education, and acknowledging the increasingly complex demands made on teachers of English in view of globalisation, the book explores the multiple factors which are key to effective professional learning. Chapters consider how pre-service teachers are best prepared for the diverse contexts in which English is learnt and taught in settings throughout Asia and draw on in-depth research studies to provide rich, fully contextualised coverage of aspects of teacher preparation including curriculum design, programme development, policy, professional learning communities, assessment education, and teaching practicum.


A timely contribution to the field of teacher preparation, this text will be an invaluable resource for teacher educators, pre-service teachers and academics involved in the preparation of English teachers in Asia.

part II|70 pages

Innovations in teacher preparation

chapter 3|16 pages

Translanguaging in the EYL classroom as a metadiscursive practice

Preparing prospective teachers

chapter 4|18 pages

Advancing achievement through value-added measures

A study on English teacher preparation in Brunei

chapter 5|17 pages

Professional development through practicum

A case study on Malaysian pre-service ESL teachers’ professional identity construction

chapter 6|17 pages

‘Native-Speakerism … I Think We Need to Change Our Perception’

Sociocultural perspectives on Cambodian pre-service teacher education

part III|108 pages

Teacher preparation, development and evaluation

chapter 7|21 pages

English teacher preparation in Brunei Darussalam

An overview of the Master of Teaching programme from multiple perspectives

chapter 8|19 pages

Meeting the needs of an international student population

The response of a Japanese graduate program

part IV|55 pages

Teacher preparation and policy

chapter 12|19 pages

Teaching renovation and efficiency

Education policy as an affordance for Task-Based Language Teaching in pre-service teacher education in Vietnam

chapter 13|17 pages

English language teacher preparation in Myanmar

Challenges and recommendations for Myanmar and the ASEAN region

chapter 14|17 pages

The “Practising Adaptive Expert”

Professionalism as constructed in Vietnam English language teacher policy

part |19 pages


chapter 15|17 pages

Maintaining balance

How can ASEAN Plus Three best preserve diversity and prepare for the globalized world in the 21st century?