From the early efforts that emerged in the struggle against Nazism, and over the past half century, the field of genocide studies has grown in reach to include five genocide centers across the globe and well over one hundred Holocaust centers. This work enables a new generation of scholars, researchers, and policymakers to assess the major foci of the field, develop ways and means to intervene and prevent future genocides, and review the successes and failures of the past.The contributors to Pioneers of Genocide Studies approach the questions of greatest relevance in a personal way, crafting a statement that reveals one's individual voice, persuasions, literary style, scholarly perspectives, and relevant details of one's life. The book epitomizes scholarly autobiographical writing at its best. The book also includes the most important works by each author on the issue of genocide.Among the contributors are experts in the Armenian, Bosnian, and Cambodian genocides, as well as the Holocaust against the Jewish people. The contributors are Rouben Adalian, M. Cherif Bassiouni, Israel W. Charney, Vahakn Dadrian, Helen Fein, Barbara Harff, David Hawk, Herbert Hirsch, Irving Louis Horowitz, Richard Hovannisian, Henry Huttenbach, Leo Kuper, Raphael Lemkin, James E. Mace, Eric Markusen, Robert Melson, R.J. Rummel, Roger W. Smith, Gregory H. Stanton, Ervin Staub, Colin Tatz, Yves Ternan, and the co-editors. The work represents a high watermark in the reflections and self-reflections on the comparative study of genocide.

part |2 pages


chapter 1|24 pages

Finding the Words

ByRouben Paul Adalian

chapter 2|20 pages

Confronting the Armenian Genocide

ByRichard G. Hovannisian

chapter 3|12 pages

Vita Felix, Via Dolorosa: An Academic Journey towards Genocide

ByHenry R. Huttenbach

chapter 4|16 pages

Facts and Values: A Personal Intellectual Exploration

ByJames E. Mace

chapter 5|20 pages

The Questioner

ByYves Ternon

part |2 pages

Political Scientists

chapter 6|16 pages

A German-born Genocide Scholar

ByBarbara Harff

chapter 7|16 pages

Studying Genocide to Protect Life

ByHerbert Hirsch

chapter 8|10 pages

How I Came to the Study of Genocide

ByKurt Jonassohn

chapter 9|14 pages

My Journey in the Study of Genocide

ByRobert Melson

chapter 10|26 pages

From the Study of War and Revolution to Democide—Power Kills

ByR. J. Rummel

chapter 11|16 pages

Who Is My Neighbor?

ByRoger W. Smith

chapter 12|22 pages

Breaking the Membrane

ByColin Tatz

part |2 pages


chapter 13|16 pages

From Social Action to Social Theory and Back: Paths and Circles

ByHelen Fein

chapter 15|14 pages

Gauging Genocide: Social Science Dimensions and Dilemmas

ByIrving Louis Horowitz

chapter 16|28 pages

Leo Kuper: A Giant Pioneer

ByIsrael W. Charny

chapter 17|18 pages

My Path to Genocide Studies

ByEric Markusen

part |2 pages

Lawyers and Jurists

chapter 18|50 pages

Bearing Witness 1

ByM. Cherif Bassiouni

chapter 19|36 pages

Totally Unofficial Man 1

ByRaphael Lemkin

chapter 20|26 pages

The Call

ByGregory H. Stanton

part |2 pages


part |2 pages


chapter 23|12 pages

From Holocaust to Genocide: The Journey Continues

BySteven Leonard Jacobs

part |2 pages

Independent Scholars

chapter 24|24 pages

Confronting Genocide in Cambodia

ByDavid Hawk

chapter 25|36 pages

A Matter of Conscience

BySamuel Totten