Primate Evolution and Human Origins compiles, for the first time, the major ideas and publications that have shaped our current view of the evolutionary biology of the primates and the origin of the human line. Designed for freshmen-to-graduate students in anthropology, paleontology, and biology, the book is a unique collection of classic papers, culled from the past 20 years of research. It is also an important reference for academicians and researchers, as it covers the entire scope of primate and human evolution (with an emphasis on the fossil record). A comprehensive bibliography cites over 2000 significant articles not found in the main text.

part I|51 pages

Primate Origins

part II|30 pages

Evolution of Prosimians

chapter 6|4 pages

Dental and Cranial Adaptations in Eocene Adapidae

ByP.D. Gingerich

chapter 7|6 pages

The Second Radiation—Prosimians

ByK.D. Rose

chapter 9|3 pages

Evolution of Lorises and Lemurs

ByP. Charles-Dominique

chapter 10|6 pages

Notes on the Cranial Anatomy of the Subfossil Malagasy Lemurs

ByI. Tattersall

chapter 11|5 pages

Adaptive Diversity in Subfossil Malagasy Prosimians

ByW.L. Jungers

part III|56 pages

Anthropoid Origins and New World Monkeys

part IV|62 pages

The Evolution of Old World Monkeys and Apes

chapter 20|6 pages

The Ecology of Oligocene African Anthropoidea

ByR. F. Kay

chapter 21|16 pages

New Interpretations of the Phyletic Position of Oligocene Hominoids

ByJ. G. Fleagle

chapter 23|7 pages

Toward the Origin of the Old World Monkeys

ByE. Delson

chapter 24|7 pages

The Postcranium of Miocene Hominoids: Were Dryopithecines Merely “Dental Apes”?

ByR. S. Corruccini, R. L. Ciochon, H. M. Mchenry

part 5|47 pages

Ramapithecus and Human Origins

chapter 27|2 pages

The Phyletic Position of Ramapithecus

ByE. L. Simons

chapter 28|4 pages

The Earliest Hominids

ByD.R. Pilbeam

chapter 29|6 pages

Rethinking Human Origins

ByD.R. Pilbeam

chapter 30|9 pages

A Late Divergence Hypothesis

ByL.O. Greenfield

chapter 33|10 pages

Ramapithecus and Hominid Origins

ByM.H. Wolpoff

part 6|44 pages

Early Hominids

chapter 34|12 pages

Adaptive Radiation in the Australopithecines and the Origin of Man

ByJ. T. Robinson

chapter 36|3 pages

Australopithecus, Homo erectus, and the Single Species Hypothesis

ByR. E. F. Leakey

chapter 37|11 pages

A Systematic Assessment of Early African Hominids

ByD. C. Johanson

chapter 38|10 pages

The Origin of Man

ByC. O. Lovejoy