Dissatisfaction with a human services system that is unresponsive, stigmatizing, and ineffective has led to a ferment of experimentation in recent years. Reinventing Human Services examines the historical and economic context of current efforts to reinvent human services, showing the urgency and the difficulty of the task. It draws on successful examples in Britain, Canada, and the United States to develop a new paradigm for social work practice, one that integrates individual, family, and community levels of practice and reconceptualizes professional-community relations. The interdisciplinary team of authors includes scholars, researchers, and practitioners from the disciplines of economics, urban planning, communications, criminal justice, psychology, marriage and family therapy, education, and social work.

chapter |14 pages


part I|66 pages

The Context of Community- and Family-Centered Practice

part II|122 pages

Creating Community- and Family-Centered Practice: Examples from the Social Services, Education, and Policing

chapter 4|22 pages

Working with Families and Communities: The Patch Approach

ByPaul Adams, Karin Krauth

chapter 5|18 pages

Family-Centered Social Services: Moving Toward System Change

ByKristine Nelson, Marcia Allen

chapter 7|18 pages

School-Based Comprehensive Services: An Example of Interagency Collaboration

ByJo M. Hendrickson, Donna Omer

chapter 8|12 pages

Linking Schools with Family- and Community-Centered Services

ByMary R. Lewis

chapter 9|14 pages

Community Policing: The Police as a Community Resource

ByQuint C. Thurman

chapter 10|14 pages

Young People as Community Resources: New Forms of Participation

ByBarry Checkoway, Janet Finn, Kameshwari Pothukuchi

part III|76 pages

Changing Practice to Include Families and Communities

chapter 11|16 pages

Understanding and Constructing Community: A Communication Approach

ByEric W. Rothenbuhler

chapter 12|22 pages

Professional Understandings of Community: At a Loss for Words?

ByCarol R. Swenson

chapter 14|18 pages

Strengthening Partnerships between Families and Service Providers

ByRobert Cohen, Christopher Lavach