In the years since Stalin's death, his profound influence upon the historical development of Communism has remained elusive and in need of interpretation. Stalinism, as his system has become known, is a phenomenon which embraced all facets of political and social life. While its effect upon the Soviet Union and other nations today is far less than it was while Stalin lived, it is by no means dead.In this landmark volume some of the world's foremost scholars of the subject, in a concerted group inquiry, present their interpretations of Stalinism and its influence on all areas of comparative Communist studies from history and politics to economics, sociology, and literary scholarship. The studies contained in this volume are an outgrowth of a conference on Stalinism held in Bellagio, Italy, sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies.In his major contribution to this book, Leszek Kolakowski calls Stalinism "a unified state organism facing atom-like individuals." This extraordinary volume, augmented by a revealing new introduction by the editor, Robert C. Tucker, can be seen as amplifying that remark nearly a half century after the death of Joseph Stalin himself.Contributors to this work are: Wlodzimierz Brus, Katerina Clark, Stephen F. Cohen, Alexander Erlich, Leszek Kolakowski, Moshe Lewin, Robert H. McNeal, Mihailo Markovic, Roy A. Medvedev, T. H. Rigby, Robert Sharlet, and H. Gordon Skilling. Robert C. Tucker's principle work on Stalin has been described by George F. Kennan as "the most significant single contribution made to date, anywhere, to the history of Soviet power."

part One|108 pages

Old and New Approaches

chapter |27 pages

Bolshevism and Stalinism

ByStephen F. Cohen

chapter |23 pages

Trotskyist Interpretations of Stalinism

ByRobert H. McNeal

chapter |24 pages

Stalinism and the Mono-Organizational Society

ByT. H. Rigby

chapter |32 pages

Stalinism as Revolution from Above

ByTucker Robert C.

part Two|128 pages

Dimensions of Stalinism in Russia

chapter |26 pages

The Social Background of Stalinism

ByMoshe Lewin

chapter |18 pages

Stalinism and Marxian Growth Models*

ByAlexander Erlich

chapter |25 pages

Stalinism and Soviet Legal Culture*

ByRobert Sharlet

chapter |10 pages

Utopian Anthropology as a Context for Stalinist Literature

ByKaterina Clark

chapter |37 pages

New Pages from the Political Biography of Stalin*

ByA. Medvedev Roy

part Three|44 pages

Stalinism in Eastern Europe

chapter |18 pages

Stalinism and the “Peoples’ Democracies” *

ByWłodzimierz Brus

chapter |24 pages

Stalinism and Czechoslovak Political Culture

ByH. Gordon Shilling

part Four|39 pages

Stalinism versus Marxism?

chapter |16 pages

Marxist Roots of Stalinism

ByLeszek Kolakowski

chapter |21 pages

Stalinism and Marxism

ByMihailo Markovic

chapter |5 pages

Conclusion: Some Questions on the Scholarly Agenda

ByRobert C. Tucker