Can the reading public imagine a less likely but more needed book than Stories for Men - a seventy-five-year- old anthology edited by Charles Grayson - written in an age when such a title would scarcely raise an eyebrow! Imagine a book about men in which the featured theme is not rapists, child abusers, or men who never weep, feel little sorrow, or prefer dog fighting to baseball.To say the least, this is a counter-cultural collective portrait necessary in today's politically correct world. The original editor, Charles Grayson, hit the nail on the head in his ""explicit"" opening remarks. ""The only claim we make for this book is that it doesn't pretend to offer the best, or the finest, in the world's foremost short stories by contemporary masters. Simply it is just a bundle of yarns by present day American writers, each dealing with a different phase of the actions and activities of men, designed for good reading."" The text fulfills its mission.The work features little known short stories by such major writers as Erskine Caldwell on racial relations, James M. Cain on murder, James T. Farrell on street life, Dashiell Hammett on men and divorce, Ring W. Lardner on baseball, Damon Runyon on football, William Saroyan on horseracing, Thomas Wolfe on travel, William Faulkner on foreigners, among many others. For readers interested in a slice of America, this will be a book of inestimable value as well as personal pleasure. Stories for Men will prove ideal.

chapter |19 pages

The Ambassador of Poker

ByAchmed Abdullah

chapter |25 pages


ByStephen Vincent Benét

chapter |11 pages

Dressing Up

ByW. R. Burnett

chapter |12 pages

Dead Man

ByJames M. Cain

chapter |7 pages

The Negro in the Well

ByErskine Caldwell

chapter |13 pages

High Air

ByBorden Chase

chapter |20 pages

The Most Dangerous Game

ByRichard Connell

chapter |25 pages

The Blue Wall

ByWilliam Corcoran

chapter |4 pages

Success Story

ByJames Gould Cozzens

chapter |10 pages

The Hanging of Kruscome Shanks

ByWalter D. Edmonds

chapter |9 pages

Twenty-five Buch

ByJames T. Farrell

chapter |26 pages

Turn About

ByWilliam Faulkner

chapter |7 pages

That’s What Happened to Me

ByMichael Fessier

chapter |21 pages

A Short Trip Home

ByF. Scott Fitzgerald

chapter |11 pages

The Lord’s Day

ByCharles Grayson

chapter |15 pages

Two Sharp Knives

ByDashiell Hammett

chapter |12 pages

The Mystery of the Fabulous Laundryman

ByBen Hecht

chapter |28 pages

The Undefeated

ByErnest Hemingway

chapter |18 pages


ByRing W. Lardner

chapter |11 pages

The Grandstand Complex

ByHorace McCoy

chapter |11 pages

The Gook’s Victory

ByH. L. Mencken

chapter |10 pages

All My Love

ByGeorge Milburn

chapter |14 pages

“You’re Dead!”

ByWilson Mizner

chapter |8 pages

A Cup of Coffee

ByLouis Paul

chapter |12 pages

Undertaker Song

ByDamon Runyon

chapter |6 pages

With Bated Breath

ByRoss Santee

chapter |11 pages

Little Miss Universe

ByWilliam Saroyan

chapter |13 pages


ByJoel Sayre

chapter |13 pages

The Bulldogger

ByJames Stevens

chapter |19 pages

Not in the Ritual

ByGeorges Surdez

chapter |7 pages

The Greatest Man in the World

ByJames Thurber

chapter |7 pages

A Stranger Appears

ByJim Tully

chapter |22 pages


ByAlbert Richard Wetjen

chapter |28 pages

Boom Town

ByThomas Wolfe

chapter |9 pages

Madame Cocaud

ByAlexander Woollgott