If you had just one wish for the study of human development, what would it be? How would it advance the field? And what would it take for your vision to be realized? This was the charge given to twenty-eight scholars, coming from different disciplines and fields, and who study different periods of the life course. This book compiles provocative contributions from a wide range of established scholars, organized into seven thematic areas: conceptual advances; systems, levels, and contexts; individual differences; methodological advances; harnessing science for human welfare and social justice; underexplored life course dynamics; and interdisciplinary collaboration and playing well with others. This book was originally published as a special issue of Research in Human Development.

chapter |6 pages


Just One Wish for the Study of Human Development
ByRichard A. Settersten, Megan McClelland

chapter |9 pages

Taking Conceptual Analyses Seriously

ByWillis F. Overton

chapter |11 pages

Eliminating Genetic Reductionism from Developmental Science

ByRichard M. Lerner

chapter |7 pages

Relationships in Time and the Life Course: The Significance of Linked Lives

ByRichard A. Settersten

chapter |5 pages

Tracing Three Lines of Personality Development

ByDan P. McAdams

chapter |8 pages

Towards a New Synthesis for Development in Adulthood

ByKaren Hooker

chapter |9 pages

Fellow Scholars: Let’s Liberate Ourselves from Scientific Machinery

ByAlexander von Eye, Wolfgang Wiedermann

chapter |6 pages

Toward an Empirically Robust Science of Human Development

ByGreg J. Duncan

chapter |7 pages

Getting at Developmental Processes Through Experiments

ByAlexandra M. Freund

chapter |6 pages

Human Developmental Science for Social Justice

ByStephen T. Russell

chapter |8 pages

Understanding and Watering the Seeds of Compassion

ByMark T. Greenberg, Christa Turksma

chapter |9 pages

Mothering Mothers

BySuniya S. Luthar

chapter |8 pages

Toward a New Science of Academic Engagement

ByKatariina Salmela-Aro

chapter |8 pages

Contribution of Adolescence to the Life Course: What Matters Most in the Long Run?

ByJohn Schulenberg, Julie Maslowsky

chapter |8 pages

Mind the Gap in the Middle: A Call to Study Midlife

ByMargie E. Lachman

chapter |7 pages

Towards Truly Interdisciplinary Research on Human Development

ByUrsula M. Staudinger

chapter |8 pages

Teams Do It Better!

ByToni C. Antonucci

chapter |6 pages

Let’s Work Together: Towards Interdisciplinary Collaboration

ByIngrid Schoon

chapter |4 pages

The Study That Got Away

ByFrank F. Furstenberg

chapter |5 pages

Understanding Human Development: Toward a Comprehensive Framework

ByFrederick J. Morrison