Taking the case of the Norwegian petroleum industry as its vantage point, the book discusses the question of industrial transformations in resource-based industries. The book presents new, empirically-based analyses of the development of the petroleum industry, with an emphasis on three ongoing transformation processes:

  • Technological upgrading and innovation in upstream petroleum.
  • Globalisation of the petroleum industry and suppliers’ experiences of entering foreign markets.
  • Diversification into and out of petroleum – and the potential for new growth paths after oil.

Drawing together a range of key thinkers in this field, this volume addresses the ways in which the petroleum industry and its supply industry has changed since the turn of the millennium. It provides recommendations for the development of resource economies in general and petroleum economies in particular.

This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of energy policy and economics, natural resource management, innovation studies and the politics of the oil and gas sector.

chapter 1|20 pages

Transformations in petroleum

Innovation, globalisation and diversification

part |2 pages


chapter 10|19 pages

Steel, staff and solutions

Past, present and future prospects for employment in the Norwegian-based petroleum supply industry

part |2 pages


chapter 12|15 pages

Diversification into new markets

Challenges and opportunities for petroleum supply firms

chapter 13|18 pages

From oil to wind, and back again

Resource redeployment and diversification

part |2 pages


chapter 14|16 pages

The resource endowment challenge

Extending the value chain

chapter 15|18 pages

Collaborative innovation in the Norwegian oil and gas industry

Surprise or sign of a new economy-wide paradigm?