Financialization has become the go-to term for scholars grappling with the growth of finance. This Handbook offers the first comprehensive survey of the scholarship on financialization, connecting finance with changes in politics, technology, culture, society and the economy.

It takes stock of the diverse avenues of research that comprise financialization studies and the contributions they have made to understanding the changes in contemporary societies driven by the rise of finance. The chapters chart the field’s evolution from research describing and critiquing the manifestations of financialization towards scholarship that pinpoints the driving forces, mechanisms and boundaries of financialization.

Written for researchers and students not only in economics but from across the social sciences and the humanities, this book offers a decidedly global and pluri-disciplinary view on financialization for those who are looking to understand the changing face of finance and its consequences.

part A|62 pages

Finance and Financialization: Taking Stock

part C|91 pages

Structures, Spaces and Sites of Financialization

part D|105 pages

Actors, Agency and Politics of Financialization

chapter 21|12 pages

Securities Exchanges

Subjects and Agents of Financialization

chapter 22|11 pages

The Rise of Institutional Investors

chapter 23|12 pages

Trusts and Financialization 1

chapter 27A|6 pages

Essay Forum: Labor in Financialization

Value Logics and Labor: Collateral Damage or Central Focus?

chapter 27B|5 pages

Essay Forum: Labor in Financialization

Financialization and/of Migrant Labor

chapter 27C|5 pages

Essay Forum: Labor in Financialization

Labor in the Financial Era: Assets, Debt and the Speculative Worker

chapter 27D|4 pages

Essay Forum: Labor in Financialization

A Dual Democratization of Finance? Labor’s Political Question after Financialization

part E|66 pages

Techniques, Technologies and Cultures of Financialization

chapter 28|11 pages

Culture and Financialization

Four Approaches

chapter 29|11 pages

Financialization as Mathematization

The Calculative and Regulatory Consequences of Risk Management

chapter 30|11 pages

“A Machine for Living”

The Cultural Economy of Financial Subjectivity

chapter 32|10 pages

Financial Literacy Education

A Questionable Answer to the Financialization of Everyday Life

part F|83 pages

Instabilities, Insecurities and the Discontents of Financialization