Originally published in 1994, this book contains the edited papers of the workshop of the Energy and Environmental Programme at the Royal Institute of Interantional Affairs which examined the interaction between environmental legislation and the energy indusutries. It examines past experience; the nature of the challenges to the industries; actual industrial responses and what implications this might have framing legislation. The international contributors represent a range of perspectives.

chapter |22 pages

Overview of Workshop Discussions

ByNicola Steen

part 1|22 pages

The Challenge of Sustainable Development

chapter |10 pages

Economic Stagnation and Sustainable Development

ByMarcello Colitti

part 2|82 pages

The Context and Constraints

chapter |34 pages

Environmental Challenges to the Energy Industries

ByLars J. Nilsson, Thomas B. Johansson

chapter |24 pages

The Impact of Environmental Policy on Trade

ByVincent Cable

part 3|102 pages

Energy Industry Experience and Perspectives

chapter |28 pages

Impacts on European Oil Industries

ByJohn V. Mitchell

chapter |14 pages

Sustainable Coal Use: the Role of Technology

ByAnthony Baker, John C. Whitehead

part 4|94 pages

Opportunities and Strategies