This collection traces the development and findings of curriculum studies of environmental education since the mid-1970s. Based on a virtual special issue of the Journal of Curriculum Studies, the volume identifies a series of curriculum challenges for and from environmental education. These include key questions in curriculum politics, planning and implementation, including which educative experiences should a curriculum foster and why; what the scope of a worthwhile curriculum should be and how it should be decided, organised and reworked; why distinctive curricula are provided to different groups of students; and how curriculum should best be enacted and evaluated?

The editor and contributors call for renewed attention to the possibilities for future directions in research, in light of previously published work and innovations in scholarship. They also offer critical commentary on curriculum, critique and crisis in environmental education, through new material and previous studies from the journal, by addressing three key themes: perspectives on curriculum and environment education; accounting for curriculum in environmental education; and changes in curriculum for environmental education.

chapter |4 pages


ByAlan Reid

chapter |23 pages

Curriculum and environmental education

Perspectives, priorities and challenges
ByAlan Reid

chapter |15 pages

Environmental education and the issue of nature

ByMichael Bonnett

chapter |20 pages

Sustainability and the learning virtues

ByJohn Foster

chapter |17 pages

Ecological consciousness and curriculum

ByMarla Morris

chapter |12 pages

Environmental education and the secondary school curriculum

ByC. G. Gayford

chapter |19 pages

Subjects for Study: Aspects of a Social History of Curriculum

ByIvor Goodson

chapter |21 pages

Globalization and environmental education: looking beyond sustainable development

ByBob Jickling, Arjen E. J. Wals

chapter |16 pages

Environmental Studies Courses in Colleges of Education

ByW. E. Marsden

chapter |15 pages

Towards a socially critical environmental education: water quality studies in a coastal school

ByAnnette Greenall Gough, Ian Robottom

chapter |23 pages

Complementary curriculum: the work of ecologically minded teachers

ByChristy M. Moroye

chapter |12 pages


Curriculum, critique and crisis in environmental education
ByAlan Reid