This book draws on elements of critical social theory, research on globalization, neo liberalism and education, and Malaysian Studies to understand the interplay of globalization, nationalism, cultural politics and ethnicized neoliberalism in shaping the educational reforms in Malaysia. Using the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 (MEB) as a case study, a catalyst and a context, this collection critically explores some of the complex historical and contemporary push-pull politics and factors shaping Malaysia’s education system, its reform and the experience of Malaysians – and others – within it. The authors in this volume focus on the interplay of neoliberalism, nationalism, ethnic and cultural politics in shaping the educational reforms in Malaysia. Their work captures and seeks to understand the enduring, though changing, hierarchy of access and differentiated rights to educational, social and economic resources and opportunities experienced by different individuals and collectives, including those involved in the neoliberal enterprise of international education. It looks at how inequities have been re-configured in different educational spaces in Malaysia, and at how these inequities have been addressed through reform policies and practices. The book will be a shaper and critical contributor to the assessment of the Malaysian Education Blueprint and related policies. It will also have wider relevance globally as a critical approach to policy discussion.

chapter 3|23 pages

Islamic education in Malaysia

Between neoliberalism and political priorities in light of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013–2025

chapter 5|18 pages

Beyond the Blueprint

Exploring educational exclusion through refugee voices

chapter 6|18 pages

MARA Junior Science Colleges and the Malaysia Education Blueprint

A critical discourse analysis

chapter 8|17 pages

Malaysia’s higher education policies

Impact on access, quality and equity issues

chapter 9|21 pages

Solidarity in an oppressive world?

The paradox of Malaysia–Africa interactions in higher education

chapter 10|16 pages

African international students in the Malaysia Education Blueprint

Experiences of racialization and othering

chapter 11|17 pages

Malaysian students and graduates of UK universities

International education, social reproduction and mobility

chapter 12|17 pages

The need for decentralization

A historical analysis of Malaysia’s education system