The book deals with the synthesis and characterization of hydrogels specifically used as drug delivery systems. Each chapter includes the most recent updates about the different starting materials employed and the improvement of their physicochemical and biological properties to synthetize high performing carriers for specific uses.

chapter 1|23 pages

Design of Stimuli-Responsive Drug Delivery Hydrogels

Synthesis and Applications
ByDerya Aydın, Mohammad Alipour, Seda Kizilel

chapter 2|28 pages

Nanocomposite Hydrogels as Drug Delivery Systems

ByTeresa del Castillo Castro, María Mónica, Castillo Ortega, Dora Evelia, Rodríguez Félix, José Carmelo, Encinas Encinas

chapter 3|12 pages

Vesicles, Micelles and Cyclodextrins Immobilized into Hydrogel

Multi-component Devices for Controlled Drug Delivery
ByLorena Tavano, Rita Muzzalupo

chapter 4|24 pages

Molecularly Imprinted Hydrogels for the Selective Release of Therapeutics

ByPiotr Lulński, Marcin Woźnica

chapter 5|25 pages

Prodrugs and Bioconjugate Hydrogels

A Valuable Strategy for the Prolonged-Delivery of Drugs
ByAnkit Jain, Anamika Sahu, Aviral Jain, Arvind Gulbake

chapter 6|41 pages

Carbohydrate based Hydrogels for Controlled Release of Cancer Therapeutics

ByS. Eswaramma, K.S.V. Krishna Rao, Qian Zhong, K. Madhusudana Rao

chapter 7|43 pages

Porous Hydrogels as Carrier for Delivery of Macromolecular Drugs

ByEcaterina Stela Dragan, Ana Irina Cocarta, Maria Valentina Dinu

chapter 8|37 pages

Biopolymer-based Interpenetrating Network Hydrogels for Oral Drug Delivery

BySabyasachi Maiti, Sougata Jana

chapter 9|25 pages

Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels for Parenteral Drug Delivery

ByGayatri C. Patel

chapter 10|44 pages

Hydrogels for Vaginal Drug Delivery

ByŽeljka Vanić, Nataša Škalko-Basnet

chapter 11|24 pages

Advances in Composite Hydrogels for Ocular Drug Delivery and Biomedical Engineering Application

ByAndreza Maria Ribeiro, Ivan Antonio Neumann

chapter 12|25 pages

Hydrogels for Pulmonary Drug Delivery

ByIbrahim M. El-Sherbiny, Mohammed Sedki, Habiba Soliman, Magdi H. Yacoub