This volume is a collection of nineteen original essays by leading specialists on the history, historiography and memory of the Crusades, the social and cultural aspects of life in the Latin East, as well as the military orders and inter-religious relations in the Middle Ages. Intended to appeal to scholars and students alike, the volume honours Professor Sophia Menache of the Department of History, University of Haifa, Israel. The contributions reflect the richness of Professor Menache's research interests - medieval communications, the Church and the Papacy in the central and later Middle Ages, the Crusades and the military orders, as well as the memory and historiography of the Crusades.

part I|87 pages

The military orders

chapter 2|9 pages

The Templars as peacemongers

ByYvonne Friedman

chapter 3|15 pages

On Hospitaller initiatives in the western Mediterranean, 1291–1307

ByKarl Borchardt

chapter 4|11 pages

Othon de Grandson et les templiers d’Épailly

ByAlain Demurger

part II|104 pages

The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Latin East

chapter 8|12 pages

Pisa and the Frankish states of the Levant in the twelfth century

ByDavid Jacoby

chapter 9|18 pages

Urban soundscape

Defining space and community in twelfth-century of Jerusalem
ByIris Shagrir

chapter 10|20 pages

Frankish bathhouses

Balneum and furnus – a functional dyad?
ByBenjamin Z. Kedar

chapter 11|16 pages

Some evidence for poverty in the Latin East

ByAdrian J. Boas

chapter 12|12 pages

A rough guide to the Holy Land

Pilgrims’ use of the Mount Zion library in the fifteenth century
BySusan B. Edgington

chapter 13|10 pages

First officer of the crown of France and his legacy in the Latin East

Imbert de Beaujeu 1
ByVardit Shotten-Hallel

chapter 14|14 pages

The Genoese expansion in the Middle Ages

ByMichel Balard

part III|72 pages

Ideology, propaganda and communication

chapter 15|20 pages

The ideology of Christian expansion in Muslim Iberia

The “Book of Deeds,” Bernat Desclot and the conquest of Majorca
ByLuis García-Guijarro Ramos

chapter 16|13 pages

Thomas Ebendorfer and crusading past and present

ByNorman Housley

chapter 17|11 pages

Philip II and Antwerp

The limits of representation 1
ByTeofilo F. Ruiz

chapter 18|15 pages

The contested seed of Abraham 1

ByAnna Sapir Abulafia

chapter 19|11 pages

Letters home

British crusaders in Flanders, France, Gallipoli and Palestine during World War I
ByElizabeth Siberry