Although philosophers have explored memory since antiquity, recent years have seen the birth of philosophy of memory as a distinct field. This book—the first of its kind—charts emerging directions of research in the field. The book’s seventeen newly commissioned chapters develop novel theories of remembering and forgetting, analyze the phenomenology and content of memory, debate issues in the ethics and epistemology of remembering, and explore the relationship between memory and affectivity. Written by leading researchers in the philosophy of memory, the chapters collectively present an exciting vision of the future of this dynamic area of research.

chapter |9 pages

The Philosophy of Memory Today and Tomorrow: Editors’ Introduction

ByKourken Michaelian, Dorothea Debus, Denis Perrin

part I|62 pages

Challenges and Alternatives to the Causal Theory of Memory

chapter 1|20 pages

Beyond the Causal Theory?

Fifty Years After Martin and Deutscher 1
ByKourken Michaelian, Sarah K. Robins

chapter 2|19 pages

A Case for Procedural Causality in Episodic Recollection 1

ByDenis Perrin

chapter 3|21 pages

The Functional Character of Memory

ByJordi Fernández

part II|64 pages

Activity and Passivity in Remembering

chapter 4|22 pages

Remembering as a Mental Action *

BySantiago Arango-Muñoz, Juan Pablo Bermúdez

chapter 5|22 pages

The Roots of Remembering

Radically Enactive Recollecting
ByDaniel D. Hutto, Anco Peeters

chapter 6|18 pages

Handle With Care

Activity, Passivity, and the Epistemological Role of Recollective Memories
ByDorothea Debus

part III|42 pages

The Affective Dimension of Memory

chapter 7|19 pages

Affective Memory

A Little Help From Our Imagination 1
ByMargherita Arcangeli, Jérôme Dokic

chapter 8|21 pages

Painful Memories

ByPhilip Gerrans

part IV|42 pages

Memory in Groups

chapter 9|19 pages

Shared Remembering and Distributed Affect

Varieties of Psychological Interdependence
ByJohn Sutton

chapter 10|21 pages

Memory, Attention, and Joint Reminiscing

ByFelipe De Brigard

part V|55 pages

Memory Failures

chapter 11|18 pages


ByMatthew Frise

chapter 12|18 pages

On the Blameworthiness of Forgetting

BySven Bernecker

chapter 13|17 pages

Consent Without Memory 1

ByCarl F. Craver, R. Shayna Rosenbaum

part VI|69 pages

The Content and Phenomenology of Episodic and Semantic Memory

chapter 14|15 pages

The Remembered

Understanding the Content of Episodic Memory
ByMark Rowlands

chapter 15|19 pages

The Past Made Present

Mental Time Travel in Episodic Recollection
ByMatthew Soteriou

chapter 16|16 pages

Remembering Past Experiences

Episodic Memory, Semantic Memory, and the Epistemic Asymmetry
ByChristoph Hoerl

chapter 17|17 pages

On Seeming to Remember *

ByFabrice Teroni