Early Childhood Teacher Education on Cultural Competence discusses how early childhood preservice teachers can use teacher research to explore and gain cultural competence, enabling them to support students and families from diverse backgrounds. The book opens by describing the role of the university in preparing culturally competent teachers in urban settings and then explores historical perspectives of cultural competence. Chapters then move toward more practical perspectives of supporting families from racially diverse backgrounds, understanding diverse families, interprofessional education and collaboration, teacher resiliency, and social justice. Although the chapters focus on cultural competence in urban settings, they offer all early childhood teacher educators a challenge to address cultural competence in all settings.

chapter |12 pages


Developing a Vision of Social Justice

part I|44 pages

Social Justice Through the Lens of Early Childhood Teacher Education Programs

chapter 2|18 pages

Becoming a Teacher and Keeping On

Another Look at Resilience in Teaching

chapter 3|12 pages

The Role of the Classroom Library

A Catalyst for Social Justice

part II|43 pages

A Look at Early Childhood Teacher Educators’ Study of Their Courses

part III|61 pages

Social Justice When Early Childhood Teachers Move Their Work Into the Life of the Communities