With growing awareness of environmental deterioration, atmospheric pollution and resource depletion, the last several decades have brought increased attention and scrutiny to global consumption levels. However, there are significant and well documented limitations associated with current efforts to encourage more sustainable consumption patterns, ranging from informational and time constraints to the highly individualizing effect of market-based participation.

This volume, featuring essays solicited from experts engaged in sustainable consumption research from around the world, presents empirical and theoretical illustrations of the various means through which politics and power influence (un)sustainable consumption practices, policies and perspectives. With chapters on compelling topics including collective action, behaviour-change and the transition movement, the authors discuss why current efforts have largely failed to meet environmental targets and explore promising directions for research, policy and practice.

Featuring contributions that will help the reader open up politics and power in ways that are accessible and productive and bridge the gaps with current approaches to sustainable consumption, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of sustainable consumption and the politics of sustainability.

chapter |19 pages

Introduction: Power, politics, and (un)sustainable consumption

ByLucie Middlemiss, Cindy Isenhour, Mari Martiskainen

section 19I|2 pages

On political economy and global process

chapter 3|23 pages

Sources of power for sustainable consumption: Where to look

ByDoris Fuchs, Sylvia Lorek, Antonietta Di Giulio, Rico Defila

section 85II|2 pages

On governmentality and the notion of the subject in sustainable consumption

section 141III|2 pages

On the politics of identity and difference in sustainable consumption

chapter 9|23 pages

Who participates in community-based sustainable consumption projects and why does it matter? A constructively critical approach

ByManisha Anantharaman, Emily Huddart Kennedy, Lucie Middlemiss, Sarah Bradbury