Career Counseling, 3rd edition, provides a comprehensive, holistic overview of the foundations of career counseling, information on the most effective skills and techniques, and contextual perspectives on career and lifestyle planning, all by nationally and internationally recognized experts. Updated chapters introduce important material not often addressed in introductory texts, such as rehabilitation, addictive behaviors, counseling couples and families, and working with ethnic and gender/sexual minority clients. Included throughout the text are case studies, informational sidebars, and experiential activities that enhance the reading and encourage additional contemplation of chapter content. Readers can also turn to the book’s companion website for chapter test questions, PowerPoints, and additional resources.

chapter Chapter 1|25 pages

Historical Influences on the Practice of Career Counseling

ByAnita A. Neuer Colburn, Christie Jenkins

chapter Chapter 2|37 pages

Trait and Factor, Developmental, Learning, and Cognitive Theories

ByMarie Shoffner Creager, Mary M. Deacon

chapter Chapter 3|31 pages

Toward a Holistic View

Decision-Making, Postmodern, and Emerging Theories
ByJane Goodman

chapter Chapter 4|19 pages

Career Counseling Without Borders

Moving Beyond Traditional Career Practices of Helping
ByManivong J. Ratts, KristiAnna T. Santos, Arie T. Greenleaf

chapter Chapter 5|29 pages

Ethical and Legal Issues in Career Counseling

ByHenry L. Harris, Clare Merlin-Knoblich, Katie A. Lamberson

chapter Chapter 6|35 pages

Individual and Group Assessment and Appraisal

ByDonna S. Sheperis, Michelle Perepiczka, Clint Limoges

chapter Chapter 7|27 pages

Using Information and Technology

ByBrian Hutchison, Christina Thaier, Mark D. Stauffer

chapter Chapter 8|27 pages

Career Development Plans

Designing a Client’s “What’s Next”
ByRich Feller, Jackie J. Peila-Shuster

chapter Chapter 9|29 pages

Establishing and Sustaining a Thriving Career Development Program

ByDonald A. Schutt

chapter Chapter 10|22 pages

Supervision, Coaching, and Consultation

ByLaura R. Haddock, Abby E. Dougherty

chapter Chapter 11|30 pages

Counseling for Children’s Career Development

ByRebecca M. Dedmond, Jennifer Landis-Santos

chapter Chapter 12|26 pages

Career Development for Youth and Emerging Adults With Diverse Paths

ByLeann M. Morgan, Justin D. Cole

chapter Chapter 13|27 pages

The Convergence of Career and Mental Health Approaches to Counseling

ByMary H. Guindon, Francesca G. Giordano, Kristin S. Wright

chapter Chapter 14|31 pages

Career and Lifestyle Planning in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings

ByDavid R. Strauser, Chelsea E. Greco, Deirdre E. O’Sullivan

chapter Chapter 15|27 pages

Career Counseling With Couples and Families

ByKathy M. Evans, Justin C. Muller

chapter Chapter 16|28 pages

Gender Issues in Career Counseling

ByBarbara Herlihy, Mary A. Hermann

chapter Chapter 17|29 pages

Counseling Individuals With Addictive Behaviors

BySibyl West, Brittany L. Pollard, Chris Wood

chapter Chapter 18|26 pages

Significant Career Transitions

Workforce Entry and Reentry for Veterans, Recent Immigrants, and Formerly Incarcerated Job Seekers
ByKristin A. Vincenzes, Nicole M. Arcuri, Mark D. Stauffer