An Introduction to Distance Education is a comprehensive look at the field of distance education, outlining current theories, practices, and goals that are essential to effective design, delivery, and navigation. As an alternative pedagogical approach, distance education is posited to meet the evolving demands for access, affordability, and quality in higher education. This fully revised and updated second edition reviews the history of distance education while addressing its current influence on the education sector. 

Utilizing a student-guided approach, chapters offer pedagogical features to engage and support the teaching and learning process, including:

  • questions for reflection, review, and discussion: students can use these questions as triggers for further thoughts related to the topic. Instructors can use these questions for classroom and online discussion
  • key quotations: strategically placed throughout the text, these points act as a springboard for further reflection and classroom discussion
  • concept definitions: central concepts discussed in the text are defined for students at the end of each chapter.

Driven by seminal contributors who are researching and shaping our understanding and practice of distance education today, An Introduction to Distance Education offers a solid foundation from which to explore and develop new approaches to designing and implementing online courses.

part I|63 pages

An Evolving Distance Education

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

Teaching and Learning in Distance Education

Continue a New Era

chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

From Independence to Collaboration

A Personal Retrospective on Distance Education

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Formal and Informal Paths of Lifelong Learning

Hybrid Distance Educational Settings for the Digital Era

part II|83 pages

Distance Education in the Post-industrial Context

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Into the Breach

The Emerging Landscape in Online Learning

chapter Chapter 7|13 pages

Blended Learning Revisited

part III|40 pages

Leading the Change

chapter Chapter 10|20 pages

From Distance Education to Blended Learning

Leading Pedagogical Change

part IV|14 pages

Summary and Conclusions

chapter Chapter 11|11 pages

Teaching, Learning, and Beyond