This book looks at how the physical environment of work shapes organizational behaviour, demonstrating that our physical surroundings at work can have a big influence on employee productivity, performance and wellbeing.

Drawing upon the latest research, Organizational Behaviour and the Physical Environment provides comprehensive coverage of the different aspects of the physical environment at work – the buildings, furnishings, equipment, lighting, air quality and their configurations. From theories of psychological ownership and work design, to cultural issues and technology in the workplace, its international range of contributors provide voices from Australasia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

This book will be invaluable supplementary reading for advanced students, researchers and practitioners across the fields of organizational behaviour, HRM, organizational and environmental psychology, and workspace design.

part I|63 pages


chapter 1|10 pages


Organizational behaviour and the physical environment

chapter 2|24 pages

The physical work environment and creativity

How creative workspaces support and encourage design thinking

chapter 3|27 pages

Holistic office design

From an organizational and management perspective

part II|82 pages

The theoretical background to the physical environment of organizational behaviour

part IV|52 pages

Emotions, physical activity, and the physical environment of OB

part V|40 pages

The physical environment of OB and the practitioner