Aging and Work in the 21st Century, 2nd edition, reviews, summarizes, and integrates existing literature from various disciplines with regard to aging and work, but with a focus on recent advances in the field. Chapter authors, all leading experts within their respective areas, provide recommendations for future research, practice, and/or public policy. Fully revised and updated, the second edition takes up many of the same critical topics addressed in the first edition, and incorporates twelve new authors across the volume and three brand new chapters on recruitment and retention, legal issues, and global issues in work and aging.

The intended audience is advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers in the disciplines of industrial and organizational psychology; developmental psychology; gerontology; sociology; economics; and social work. Older worker advocate organizations, such as AARP, will also take interest in this edited book.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction and Overview

ByGary A. Adams, Kenneth S. Shultz

chapter 2|21 pages

Recruiting and Retaining Older Employees

Planning, Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Programs
ByMary Anne Taylor

chapter 3|25 pages

Diversity Issues for an Aging Workforce

A Lifespan Intersectionality Approach
ByJennica Webster, Christian Thoroughgood, Katina Sawyer

chapter 4|43 pages

An Expanded View of Age Bias in the Workplace

ByLisa M. Finkelstein, Elizabeth A. Hanrahan, Courtney L. Thomas

chapter 5|21 pages

Legal Issues and the Aging Workforce

ByE. Patrick McDermott, Caren B. Goldberg

chapter 6|23 pages

Employee Age and Performance in Organizations

ByJerry W. Hedge, Walter C. Borman

chapter 7|25 pages

Age(ing) and Work Attitudes

ByJanet L. Barnes-Farrell, Gretchen A. Petery, Jeanette N. Cleveland, Russell A. Matthews

chapter 8|20 pages

Employee Development and Training Issues Related to the Aging Workforce

ByDeborah A. Olson, Debora Jeske

chapter 9|22 pages

Career Embeddedness and Career Crafting Among Older Workers

ByDaniel C. Feldman, Kenneth S. Shultz

chapter 10|21 pages

Aging and Occupational Health

ByYisheng Peng, Steve M. Jex, Mo Wang

chapter 11|21 pages

Age and Technology for Work

ByNeil Charness, Sara J. Czaja

chapter 12|18 pages

Age and Work–Family Issues

ByReed J. Bramble, Emma K. Duerk, Boris B. Baltes

chapter 13|19 pages

Retirement from Three Perspectives

Individuals, Organizations, and Society
ByMinseo Kim, Terry A. Beehr

chapter 14|33 pages

Global Issues in Work, Aging, and Retirement

ByCort W. Rudolph, Justin Marcus, Hannes Zacher