This volume provides a fast and efficient way for undergraduate and graduate students to gain a solid understanding of the social psychology literature. Each chapter reviews a major subsection of research in the field, written by a leading social psychology researcher in that area. Coverage includes all the major empirical, theoretical and methodological developments in its subfield of social psychology. Beginning social psychologists, as well as those who may have emerged from their formal training with a less-than-solid grounding in the research literature, will find this volume invaluable. It is the book all social psychologists wished they had access to when they were getting grounded in the research literature!

chapter 1|14 pages

Creating Social Psychology

Some Ideas on the Research Process

chapter 5|43 pages


chapter 6|23 pages

Social Neuroscience

chapter 7|21 pages

Social Influence

chapter 8|25 pages


chapter 11|31 pages


chapter 12|26 pages

Group Processes