As with other parts of business, technology is having a profound effect on the world of work and management of human resources. Technology is a key enabler for faster, cheaper and better delivery of HR services and in some cases can have a transformational as well as unintended negative effect.

Designed for the digital era, e-HRM is one of the first textbooks on these developments. It incorporates the most current and important HR technology related topics in four distinct parts under one umbrella, written by leading scholars and practitioners drawn from across the world. All the chapters have a uniform structure and pay equal attention to theory and practice with an applied focus. Learning resources of the book include chapter-wide learning objectives, case studies, debates on related burning issues, and the companion website includes lecture slides and a question bank.

chapter 1|21 pages

Electronic/digital HRM: A primer

ByMohan Thite

part I|50 pages

Key approaches to e-HRM

chapter 2|17 pages

Strategic management approach to technology-enabled HRM

ByMark L. Lengnick-Hall, Cynthia A. Lengnick-Hall, Derrick McIver

chapter 3|15 pages

Soft systems thinking approach to e-HRM project management

ByMohan Thite, NMK Bhatta

chapter 4|16 pages

Agile approach to e-HRM project management

ByNMK Bhatta, Mohan Thite

part II|78 pages

Key directions in e-HRM

chapter 5|14 pages

Big data and e-HRM

ByTobias M. Scholz

chapter 6|17 pages

HR metrics and analytics

ByMartin R. Edwards

chapter 7|17 pages

Cloud computing and e-HRM

ByVinit Ghosh, Nachiketa Tripathi

chapter 8|17 pages

Social media and e-HRM

ByChristopher J. Hartwell

chapter 9|11 pages

Gamification and e-HRM

ByTobias M. Scholz

part III|82 pages

e-HRM applications

chapter 10|19 pages

e-Talent in talent management

BySharna Wiblen

chapter 11|24 pages

e-Recruitment and selection

ByAnna B. Holm, Lars Haahr

chapter 12|18 pages

e-Performance and reward management

ByKent V. Rondeau

chapter 13|19 pages

e-Learning and development

ByCharissa Tan

part IV|50 pages

Problems and prospects

chapter 14|15 pages

Strategic evaluation of e-HRM

ByRalf Burbach

chapter 15|18 pages

Information security and privacy in e-HRM

ByShankar Subramaniyan, Mohan Thite, S. Sampathkumar

chapter 16|15 pages

Future directions in electronic/digital HRM

ByMohan Thite