The China-EC/EU relationship, started in 1975, is a highly institutionalized, multidimensional and complex, but to some extent controversial international partnership. It is also challenged within the current unstable world.

This book addresses the convergences and the differences (ideational, political, institutional and interests-related) between China and the EU by a collective interaction between Chinese and European scholars. Among other things the book assesses sectoral bilateral dialogue and focuses on the interplay between internal complexity and external policies, discusses ideational divergences in international law and rule of law and in many relevant policy fields. Furthermore, it compares sustainable growth policies; explores trade and investment controversies and negotiations, human rights dialogue; and addresses environment and climate change policies.

This text will be of key interest to EU studies and politics, China studies and more broadly to area/Asian studies and international relations/global governance.

part 1|11 pages


chapter |9 pages


part 2|30 pages

Multipolarity, multilateralism and foreign policy in the current world disorder

chapter |15 pages

European and Chinese multilateralism at stake

Political and theoretical implications

part 3|21 pages

Assessing the bilateral institutionalised cooperation

chapter |10 pages

The EU–China partnership

Institutionalisation and the limits of liberal logic

part 4|33 pages

Increasing internal complexity of external policy debates

chapter |11 pages

The China–EU partnership

The development and role of think tanks

chapter |20 pages

The EU, China and the World Trade Organization

Squaring the irresistible force paradox of the market economy status issue

part 5|26 pages

Balancing principled divergences and convergence

chapter |14 pages

Seeking the rule of law as the common goal

EU–China cooperation in combating commercial bribery

part 6|28 pages

Comparing sustainable growth policies

chapter |12 pages

Socio-economic models

Comparison and interaction

chapter |14 pages

Sustainable growth in China and the EU

Competition or cooperation?

part 7|20 pages

Trade, investments, financial issues

chapter |10 pages

Linkage power

How the EU and China managed their economic and trade relationship (1975–2016)

chapter |8 pages

China–EU financial cooperation and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

From trade partners to global investment partners

part 8|18 pages

Consolidating flows at knowledge-economy levels

part 9|42 pages

Environment and climate change

chapter |15 pages

Industrial policy and climate change strategy

Comparing China and the European Union’s path to the Paris 2015 United Nations Conference Agreement (COP21)

chapter |13 pages

Towards an enhanced China–EU cooperation?

Opportunities, implications and obstacles