Originally published in 1993. This introductory text brings the somewhat gender blind fields of educational administration and policy into contact with feminism. The chapters here demonstrate the considerable scope and potential of feminist scholarship for the field with regard to theory, research and practice and open up new possibilities for effecting gender justice in and through education. The first part looks at educational history, the second at contemporary issues like assessment, ethical practices, equal opportunities and parental participation, and the third at political and administrative theory.

chapter |5 pages

Introductory Comments

Edited ByJill Blackmore, Jane Kenway

part 1|53 pages

‘Rereading’ Educational History

part 3|43 pages

Political and Administrative Theory: Some Feminist Challenges

chapter 9|9 pages

Contemporary Issues for Feminism: The Politics of the State

ByAnna Yeatman

chapter 10|11 pages

Privatizing Public Schooling: Its Causes and Consequences

ByBarbara Preston

chapter 11|8 pages

Equal Employment Opportunity and Corporate Planning 1

ByClare Burton

chapter 12|13 pages

Educational Leadership as Emancipatory Praxis

ByShirley Grundy

part 4|16 pages

Feminist Praxis

chapter |5 pages

Notes on Contributors