Global Environmental Politics is the perfect introduction to this increasingly significant area. This fully revised and updated new edition combines an accessible introduction to the most important environmental theories and concepts with a series of detailed case studies of the most pressing environmental problems.

Features and benefits of the book:

  • Explains the most important concepts and theories in environmental politics;
  • Introduces environmental politics within the context of political science and international relations theories;
  • Demonstrates how the concepts and theories apply in a wide variety of real world contexts;
  • New case study chapters on the role of technology, the role of China, endangered species, biodiversity and the politics of conservation, the politics of food, forests, and the politics of waste;
  • Each chapter is written by an established international authority in the field;
  • Fully up to date with the latest topics such as climate change negotiations, transnational governance, new indicators for sustainable development goals and much more;
  • More in-text support, such as end of chapter web links and discussion questions.

This exciting textbook is essential reading for all students of environmental politics and will be of key interest to students of international relations and political economy.

chapter |5 pages


ByGabriela Kütting, Kyle Herman

part I|114 pages

Concepts and theories

chapter 1|19 pages

International relations theory and the environment

ByJohn Vogler

chapter 2|19 pages

Transnational actors in global environmental politics 1

ByLucy Ford

chapter 3|19 pages

Global political economy and development

ByThomas Hickmann, Markus Lederer

chapter 4|17 pages

Environmental security

ByHannah Hughes

chapter 5|20 pages

Sustainable consumption

ByDoris Fuchs, Frederike Boll

chapter 6|18 pages

International environmental and ecological justice

ByTimothy Ehresman, Dimitris Stevis

part II|145 pages

Case studies

chapter 7|20 pages

Climate change

Science, international cooperation and global environmental politics
ByPaul G. Harris

chapter 8|12 pages

As China goes, so goes the planet

The environmental implications of the rise of China
ByJudith Shapiro

chapter 9|23 pages

The role of technology in the global environment

ByKyle Herman

chapter 10|20 pages

The politics of energy and the environment

Bridging the divide
ByMaria Julia Trombetta

chapter 11|29 pages

Endangered species, biodiversity and the politics of conservation

ByAlice B. M. Vadrot

chapter 12|23 pages

The global politics of food system sustainability

ByWendy Godek

chapter |3 pages


The future of global environmental politics
ByGabriela Kütting