This title was first published in 2000. This is an interdisciplinary and international collection on aesthetics with contributions from artists and philosophers and the range of thinkers about art in between. It aims to provide a forum for the kinds of question that used to be addressed within traditional aesthetics, but which have until recently been sidelined in critical writing about art and indeed in many of the most important art practices. The collection as a whole is situated in relation to feminists' approaches, but the editors hope that it will not be read as limited to them.

part 1|17 pages

Introduction: Philosophy and Feminism

part 2|37 pages

Contemporary Practices

chapter |30 pages

Artist’s Statement

part 3|36 pages

In the (Western) Beginning

part 4|82 pages

And Then There Was (German) Enlightenment

part 5|157 pages

And There Shall be (Polyvalent) Beyond

chapter 14|17 pages

Working Hot 1 : Materialising Practices