This title was first published in 2002. Debates about the desirability, feasibility and appropriate form of international economic regulation are now a heavily contested domain. This selection of recently published essays reflects the diversity of perspectives that are shaping the scope and direction of the debates, from legal formalism and law and economics, to Third World legal theories and other critical perspectives.

part I

Four Contrasting Perspectives



ByJane Kelsey

chapter |2 pages

Series Preface

ByJane Kelsey

chapter [1]|24 pages

Globalisation and Inequality

ByAndrew Hurrell, Ngaire Woods

chapter [2]|26 pages

The Global Age: From a Sceptical South to a Fearful North

ByJagdish Bhagwati

chapter [3]|10 pages

Reflections on Constitutional Changes to the Global Trading System

ByJohn Jackson

chapter [4]|22 pages

Fragmented States and International Rules of Law

BySol Picciotto

part II|70 pages

Regulating International Finance and Investment

chapter [5]|18 pages

Regulating Global Financial Markets

BySol Picciotto, Jason Haines

chapter [6]|12 pages

Capitalism's Last Chance?

ByGeorge Soros

chapter [8]|22 pages

The Political Economy of a Bilateral Investment Treaty

ByKenneth J. Vandevelde

chapter [9]|9 pages

The Constitutional Strictures of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment

ByDavid Schneiderman

part III|68 pages

The Multilateral Development Banks

part IV|130 pages

The World Trade Organization

chapter [14]|6 pages

Rethinking liberalization and reforming the WTO

ByMartin Khor

chapter [16]|16 pages

GATS and the Millennium Round of Multilateral Negotiations

ByNeela Mukherjee

chapter [17]|4 pages

How the World Trade Organisation is shaping domestic policies in health care

ByDavid Price, Allyson M Pollock, Jean Shaoul

chapter [18]|22 pages

The WTO Trips Agreement and Global Economic Development

ByFrederick M. Abbott

chapter [19]|26 pages

Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Knowledge of Biodiversity in Asia *

ByAntonio G.M. La Viña

part V|42 pages

New Issues

chapter [20]|16 pages

The Dilemma of Regulating International Competition under the WTO System

ByIgnacio De León

chapter [21]|4 pages

Putting Worker and Trade Union Rights in the WTO?

ByGerard Greenfield

chapter [22]|19 pages

The Fair Trade-Free Trade Debate: Trade, Labor, and the Environment

ByRobert Howse, Michael J. Trebilcock

part VI|128 pages

Legitimacy and Sovereignty

chapter [23]|46 pages

The Domain of WTO Dispute Resolution

ByJoel P. Trachtman

chapter [24]|46 pages

Is the Wto Open and Transparent?

ByGabrielle Marceau, Peter N. Pedersen

chapter [25]|12 pages

Global Civil Society: Perspectives, Initiatives, Movements

ByRichard Falk

chapter [26]|22 pages

Global Economic Policy-Making: A New Constitutionalism?

ByJane Kelsey