This title was first published in 2000. This series brings together significant journal articles appearing in the field of comparative politics over the past 30 years. The aim is to render accessible to teachers, researchers and students, an extensive range of essays to provide a basis for understanding the established terrain and new ground. This volume introduces the undergraduate to a significant body of the periodical literature on the subject of national and international security.



Edited ByMichael Sheehan

part I|62 pages

The Meaning of Security

chapter 1|24 pages

Political Science Quarterly

“National Security” as an Ambiguous Symbol
Edited ByMichael Sheehan

chapter 2|16 pages

Redefining Security

Jessica Tuchman Mathews
Edited ByMichael Sheehan

chapter 3|22 pages

The concept of security *

Edited ByDavid A. Baldwin

part II|108 pages

Realism and Security

chapter 4|44 pages

The Arms Race Phenomenon

Edited ByColin S. Gray

chapter 5|52 pages

Back to the Future

Instability in Europe After the Cold War
Edited ByJohn J. Mearsheimer

chapter 6|12 pages

The Concept of Deterrence in the Postwar Era

Edited ByRichard K. Betts

part III|74 pages

Cooperative Security and Arms Control

chapter 7|22 pages

On the Objectives of Arms Control

ByBrodie Bernard

chapter 8|16 pages

Arms Control, Stability, and Causes of War

Edited ByRobert Jervis

chapter 9|35 pages

Governing Anarchy

A Research Agenda for the Study of Security Communities
ByEmanuel Adler, Michael N. Barnett

part IV|62 pages

Third World Security

chapter 10|28 pages

The Security Problematic of the Third World

ByMohammed Ayoob

chapter 11|32 pages

Strategic Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region

ByDesmond Ball

part V|46 pages

The Broader Agenda

chapter 12|20 pages

What is international economic security?

ByVincent Cable

chapter 13|24 pages

Rethinking Security after the Cold War *

ByBarry Buzan

part VI|46 pages

Environmental Security

part VII|84 pages

Deeper Explorations of Security

chapter 16|20 pages

Citizenship and Maternal Thinking

II. Reflections on War and Political Discourse Realism, Just War, and Feminism in a Nuclear Age
ByJean Bethke Elshtain

chapter 17|26 pages

Security, Sovereignty, and the Challenge of World Politics

ByR. B. J. Walker

chapter 18|14 pages

Security and emancipation*

ByKen Booth

chapter 19|22 pages

‘Message in a Bottle’? Theory and Praxis in Critical Security Studies

ByRichard Wyn Jones