This title was first published in 2000. Drawn from an international research project, this study provides evidence of efforts to make law and policy-making truly inclusive, and discusses whether success or failure depends on the nature of the procedure, or the legal and social context. The book contains six case studies detailing national practice in promoting equality between the sexes and a series of general chapters which evaluate the effectiveness of individual equality stratgies and the factors which contribute to their success or failure. The contributors analyze the contribution of the European Union in promoting gender equality in Europe, and particular emphasis is placed on gender mainstreaming and how this strategy might be developed.

chapter 1|21 pages

Setting the Scene: The Why, What and How of Promoting Equality between the Sexes

ByFiona Beveridge, Sue Nott, Kylie Stephen

chapter 2|25 pages

Making Women Count in Ireland

ByMary Donnelly, Siobhan Mullally, Olivia Smith

chapter 3|27 pages

Making Women Count in The Netherlands

ByMieke Verloo

chapter 4|30 pages

Making Women Count in Portugal

ByJoão Casqueira Cardoso

chapter 5|23 pages

Making Women Count in Spain

ByFátima Arranz, Beatriz Quintanilla, Cristina Velázquez

chapter 6|31 pages

Making Women Count in Sweden

ByMinna Gillberg

chapter 7|28 pages

Making Women Count in the United Kingdom

ByFiona Beveridge, Sue Nott, Kylie Stephen

chapter 8|32 pages

Same Song — Different Tunes: A Lesson in Harmony Singing?

ByFiona Beveridge

chapter 11|9 pages

Moving Forward with Mainstreaming

ByFiona Beveridge, Sue Nott, Kylie Stephen