This title was first published in 2000:  An exploration of the ways in which social welfare in two countries, half a world apart, may have similarities. Through identification of the differences and similarities of social welfare in Britain and Malaysia, the editors hope that we may be able to learn from one another as well as to contribute to debates both in our countries about how to respond to globalization and about global social policy. Accordingly, the contributors arranged themselves into pairs - one Malaysian, one British - to write reviews of one of each of the six areas of social welfare. Along with an opening chapter in which the aim was to identify a number of frameworks and issues that would allow the rest to be put into a context, the 12 chapters, each restricted to around 5000 words, provide a service-by-service account.

chapter 1|22 pages

Britain and Malaysia: the development of welfare policies

ByAnn Davis, John Doling, Zainal Kling

chapter 2|16 pages

Work and social security provision in Britain: seeking a third way

ByAnn Davis, Sue Wainwright

chapter 3|13 pages

Social security policies in Malaysia

BySiti Hajar Abu Bakar, Faizah Yunus

chapter 4|17 pages

For richer and poorer? Pension policy in the United Kingdom

ByTony Maltby

chapter 5|13 pages

Formal old age financial security schemes in Malaysia

ByMohd. Fauzi Yaacob

chapter 6|15 pages

Managing a mixed economy of social care: community care in Britain

ByRosemary Littlechild, Liz Ross

chapter 7|14 pages

Community care in Malaysia

ByFaizah Yunus, Siti Hajar Abu Βakar

chapter 8|14 pages

Britain's evolving health policies

ByMike McBeth

chapter 9|14 pages

Getting well in Malaysia

ByRoziah Omar

chapter 10|14 pages

Housing policy in Britain

ByJohn Doling

chapter 11|15 pages

Public housing policy in Malaysia

ByMohd. Razali Agus

chapter 12|14 pages

Crime and penal policy in Britain

ByMike Nellis, David Stephenson

chapter 13|12 pages

Imprisonment in Malaysia

ByAbdul Hadi Zakariah