This title was first published in 2000. One of the most comprehensive overviews of regional development and policy emergence in the Central and East European countries to date, this book focuses on economic and social cohesion, bringing together a wide range of empirical research and discussion material.

part Part I

Dimensions of Transition

chapter 1|9 pages

Introduction: Challenges of Transition for Regional Development

ByJohn Bachtler, Ruth Downes, Grzegorz Gorzelak

chapter 2|21 pages

The Progress of Transition in East Central Europe

ByMichael Bradshaw, Alison Stenning

part Part II|137 pages

National Reviews

chapter 5|13 pages


ByJulia Spiridgnova, Nikolai Grigorov

chapter 6|13 pages

Czech Republic

ByMilos Cerveny, Alois Andrle

chapter 7|15 pages


ByKaarel Kilvits

chapter 8|16 pages


ByGyula Horváth

chapter 9|12 pages


ByRaita Karnite

chapter 10|10 pages


ByEduardas Vilkas

chapter 11|14 pages


ByGrzegorz Gorzelak

chapter 12|10 pages


ByIoan Ianos

chapter 13|17 pages

Slovak Republic

ByJuraj Silvan

chapter 14|11 pages


ByPavle Sicherl, Stanka Kukar

part Part III|92 pages

Thematic Perspectives

chapter 16|16 pages

Inward Investment, Cohesion and the ‘Wealth of Regions’ in East-Central Europe

ByAdrian Smith, Petr Pavlínek

chapter 17|16 pages

The Spatial Dimension to Environmental Problems

ByHelmut Karl, Omar Ranné, John Macquarrie

chapter 18|21 pages

SMEs in the Visegrad Countries: On their Way to Europe?

ByFriederike Welter

part Part IV|80 pages

Policy Responses

chapter 20|17 pages

Regional Policy in the Czech Republic and EU Accession

ByJiří Blažek, Sjaak Boeckhout

chapter 21|12 pages

Regional Development Policy in Poland in the 1990s

ByMarek Kozak

chapter 22|14 pages

Regional Policy Evolution in Hungary

ByRuth Downes

chapter 23|9 pages

Regional Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: The EU Perspective

ByJean-François Drevet

chapter 24|24 pages

Transition, Cohesion and Regional Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: Conclusions

ByJohn Bachtler, Ruth Downes, Grzegorz Gorzelak