Comprised of contributions from distinguished education scholars, Teachers, Teaching, and Reform takes a critical look at evidence about systemic efforts to identify excellent teachers and promote excellent teaching practices. Organized to include diverse and often contrasting perspectives on the topic, this book provides insight into some of the most vexing historical issues affecting the policies that shape current reform initiatives focused on teachers, teaching, and educational outcomes. Educational scholars, policy makers, instructors, and graduate students will come away with a keen understanding of different perspectives about the assessment of teachers, teaching, and teacher education programs, as well as strategies for improving educational outcomes for students.

chapter 1|8 pages

Improving Educational Outcomes

Contrasting Perspectives
ByRalph P. Ferretti, James Hiebert

chapter 2|28 pages

Promises and Pitfalls for Teacher Evaluation

ByDrew H. Gitomer

chapter 3|19 pages

Evaluating Teachers and Teacher Preparation Programs

ByRobert Floden

chapter 4|19 pages

Does VAM + MET = Improved Teaching?

ByJames W. Stigler, James Hiebert, Karen B. Givvin

chapter 5|19 pages

Teacher-Student Interactions

Measurement, Impacts, Improvement, and Policy
ByRobert C. Pianta

chapter 6|22 pages

Using Data to Inform Decisions Regarding Teacher Preparation

ByGeorge H. Noell, Kristin A. Gansle

chapter 7|24 pages

Designing Systems for Continuously Improving Instruction

The Case of Teacher Preparation Mathematics Courses
ByJames Hiebert, Robert M. Wieman, Dawn Berk

chapter 8|23 pages

How to Reform Reform

ByMary M. Kennedy

chapter |7 pages

Conclusion: Improving Educational Outcomes

Reflections and Prospections
ByRalph P. Ferretti, James Hiebert