The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology integrates the topics of motor control, physical education, exercise, adventure, performance in sports, and the performing arts, in several important ways and contexts, drawing upon diverse cultural perspectives. More than 90 overarching topics have been systematically developed by internationally renowned experts in theory, research, and practice.

Each contribution delves into a thematic area with more nuanced vocabulary. The terminology drawn upon integrates traditional discourse and emerging topic matter into a state-of-the-art two-volume set. Volume 1: Theoretical and Methodological Concepts is comprised of theoretical topic matter, spanning theories and terminology from psychology contextualized to sport and physical activity, sport psychology-focused theories, and expansive discussions related to philosophy of science and methodology. Volume 2: Applied and Practical Measures draws upon practical concepts that bridge theory and research and practice. Broader issues that extend beyond sport and physical activity participants are embedded within the entries, intended to augment physical, mental, and social well-being.

This expansive encyclopedia is a must-have resource for all professionals, scholars, and students in the fields of sport psychology and sport science.

chapter |8 pages


ByDieter Hackfort, Robert J. Schinke

part 1 Letter A section|64 pages

chapter Entry A1|12 pages


ByRichard Keegan, Stewart Cotterill

chapter Entry A2|16 pages

Affect and music

ByJasmin C. Hutchinson, Leighton Jones

chapter Entry A3|8 pages

Anxiety disorder and treatment

ByWilliam D. Parham

chapter Entry A4|19 pages

Athletic talent development in relation to psychological factors

ByDaniel Gould, Ian Cowburn, Emily Wright

chapter Entry A5|9 pages

Augmented feedback

ByWolfgang Taube, Benedikt Lauber

part 2 Letter C section|166 pages

chapter Entry C1|16 pages

Career assistance programmes

ByMiquel Torregrossa, Susana Regüela, Marina Mateos

chapter Entry C2|18 pages

Career development

ByPaul Wylleman, Koen De Brandt, Paul De Knop

chapter Entry C3|12 pages

Career management – an action-theory approach

ByDieter Hackfort

chapter Entry C4|16 pages

Career transitions

ByNatalia B. Stambulova, Roy David Samuel

chapter Entry C5|19 pages

Coaches’ decision-making

ByJohn Lyle, Bob Muir

chapter Entry C6|12 pages


Health, Well-Being, and Burnout
ByGöran Kenttä, Peter Olusoga, Marte Bentzen

chapter Entry C7|11 pages

Coaching athletes with a disability

ByDanielle Alexander, Gordon A. Bloom

chapter Entry C8|15 pages

Cognitive declines

Protection by Physical Activity
ByFeng-Tzu Chen, Yu-Kai Chang, Stefan Schneider

chapter Entry C9|21 pages

Conflict and communication in coach–athlete relationships

BySvenja Wachsmuth, Sophia Jowett

chapter Entry C10|14 pages

Continuing education

ByStewart Cotterill, Richard Keegan

chapter Entry C11|12 pages

Cultural praxis

ByStiliani “Ani” Chroni, Anna Kavoura

part 3 Letter D section|15 pages

chapter Entry D1|15 pages


Prevention and Treatment Through Exercise
ByBrandon L. Alderman, Christopher J. Brush, Anthony J. Bocchine

part 4 Letter E section|79 pages

chapter Entry E1|9 pages

Eating disorders and disordered eating in athletes

ByJessica Zarndt, Aurelia Nattiv

chapter Entry E2|18 pages

Emotion regulation

ByMontse C. Ruiz, Claudio Robazza

chapter Entry E3|17 pages

Ethical issues

ByFabio Lucidi, Andrea Chirico, Dieter Hackfort

chapter Entry E4|19 pages

Evaluating interventions

ByAndy Pringle, Nicola Kime, Lorena Lozano-Sufrategui, Stephen Zwolinsky

chapter Entry E5|16 pages

Exercise behaviour models

ByYoungho Kim, Saengryeol Park

part 5 Letter G section|10 pages

chapter Entry G1|10 pages


ByJoanne Butt, Robert Weinberg

part 6 Letter H section|26 pages

chapter Entry H1|16 pages

High-performance coaches

ByMathew Grey, Clifford J. Mallett, Katherine A. O’Brien, Steven B. Rynne

chapter Entry H2|10 pages

Human performance pillars in elite sport

ByMichael Bar-Eli, Ronnie Lidor

part 7 Letter I section|42 pages

chapter Entry I1|20 pages


ByLeslie Podlog, Stefanie Podlog

chapter Entry I2|22 pages

Intervention and training in young athletes

ByAntonio Hernández-Mendo, Juan González-Hernández, María Julia Raimundi, Rafael E. Reigal

part 8 Letter M section|29 pages

chapter Entry M1|18 pages

Mental simulation and neurocognition

Advances for Motor Imagery and Action Observation Training in Sport
ByCornelia Frank, David J. Wright, Paul S. Holmes

chapter Entry M2|11 pages

Mindfulness training

ByChun-Qing Zhang, Ning Su

part 9 Letter N section|32 pages

chapter Entry N1|18 pages

Neurocognitive psychology for sport

ByDirk Koester, Thomas Schack

chapter Entry N2|14 pages

New technologies in sport psychology practice

ByThomas Schack, John Elvis Hagan Jr., Kai Essig

part 10 Letter P section|103 pages

chapter Entry P1|20 pages

Performance and brain in sport

ByMing-Yang Cheng, Tsung-Min Hung

chapter Entry P2|11 pages

Performance of closed self-Paced motor tasks

ByRonnie Lidor

chapter Entry P3|12 pages

Planning exploiting biopsychosocial cues

ByCarine Meslot, Christopher J. Armitage

chapter Entry P4|17 pages

Positive youth development through sport

ByNicholas L. Holt, Kurtis Pankow, Helene Jørgensen

chapter Entry P5|23 pages


ByErnst-Joachim Hossner, Ralf Kredel, David W. Franklin

chapter Entry P6|20 pages

Professional Development

Supervision, Mentorship, and Professional Development in the Career of an Applied Professional
ByJamie L. Shapiro, Artur Poczwardowski

part 11 Letter Q section|12 pages

chapter Entry Q1|12 pages

Quality management in sport and performance psychology programmes

BySarah Castillo

part 12 Letter S section|39 pages

chapter Entry S1|15 pages

Self-talk and emotions

ByAlexander T. Latinjak, Emma Conyers-Elliff

chapter Entry S2|15 pages

Services for young talented athletes

ByCarsten Hvid Larsen, Daniel Gould

chapter Entry S3|9 pages

Substance abuse in athletics

A Biopsychosocial Approach to Assessment and Management
ByAtur V. Turakhia

part 13 Letter T section|56 pages

chapter Entry T1|19 pages

T’ai Chi for improving brain function and cognition

ByMónica Muiños, Soledad Ballesteros

chapter Entry T2|13 pages

Talent development and expertise in sport

ByJean Côté, Veronica Allan, Jennifer Turnnidge

chapter Entry T3|13 pages

Talent development environments

ByKristoffer Henriksen, Camilla Knight, Duarte Araújo

chapter Entry T4|11 pages

Transnational athletic career and cultural transition

ByTatiana V. Ryba, Natalia B. Stambulova, Noora J. Ronkainen