This practical and authoritative handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the issues and approaches to assuring quality in university teaching. Including contributions from major international figures, the book contains a wealth of ideas and practical advice to help universities commit to quality in teaching and offers insights into how the topics raised can be directly applied.

The book initially identifies some of the key issues surrounding the topic, such as the evidence-based identification of teaching quality; the training of university lecturers and faculty; external and internal quality assurance; the tension between professional autonomy and governmental regulation; and the involvement of students in developing quality. It then moves on to present ideas and initiatives to address these problems, tackling the subject through four sections:

  • Assuring Quality – questioning what quality assurance means and how it might be practised;
  • Identifying Quality – examining what knowledge exists at present and how it might be further researched;
  • Developing Quality – investigating the development of staff through teacher training and appraisal;
  • Case Studies of Quality Assurance – reviewing six case studies of quality assurance in a range of contrasting subjects including the professional subjects of Medicine, Nursing and Teacher Training which are also addressed systemically in the first section.

Full of practical advice, Handbook of Quality Assurance for University Teaching is an invaluable and unique resource for Faculty, Subject Leaders, University Administrators and Quality Assessors.

part I|244 pages

Assuring Quality

chapter 1|16 pages

Quality Assurance for University Teaching

Issues and Approaches

chapter 2|12 pages

The Quality Assurance Agency

chapter 5|11 pages

University Teaching

A Professional Model for Quality

chapter 6|7 pages

Program Evaluation

A Key to Assuring Quality in Higher Education

chapter 8|9 pages

The Power of Proxies

An Examination of Performance Management Frameworks

chapter 9|15 pages

Quality Assurance in Medical Education

Accreditation and Teaching Standards in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK

chapter 15|18 pages

Assuring Quality through Student Evaluation

From Paper to Cloud-Based Approaches

chapter 16|12 pages

The Student Role in Quality

From Data Source to Partner and Back Again

chapter 17|21 pages

Quality Assurance in Health Care

The Implications for University Teaching

part II|116 pages

Identifying Quality

chapter 19|26 pages

Effective Teaching?

chapter 23|13 pages

Beyond Satisfaction

Student Voice, Student Engagement, and Quality Learning

chapter 24|28 pages

Beyond Student Ratings

Fourteen Other Sources of Evidence to Evaluate Teaching

part III|61 pages

Developing Quality

chapter 29|12 pages

Developing Teaching Standards

A Professional Development Perspective

chapter 30|13 pages

Private Coaching for University Teachers

External Help to Find the Right Balance of Power and Responsibility

part IV|72 pages

Case Studies of Quality Assurance in a Selection of Subjects

chapter 31|11 pages

Quality Assurance in North American Medical Schools

Implications of Standards and Processes on Institutional Practices

chapter 32|6 pages

Quality Assurance in Nurse Education

Professional and Academic Perspectives

chapter 34|13 pages

Teaching Quality in Art, Design and Media

Tacit Knowledge and Experience

chapter 35|19 pages

Performing, Composing, Reflecting and Researching

Recognising and Managing Quality in Undergraduate Music Programmes