Quantitative Data Analysis for Language Assessment Volume II: Advanced Methods demonstrates advanced quantitative techniques for language assessment. The volume takes an interdisciplinary approach and taps into expertise from language assessment, data mining, and psychometrics. The techniques covered include Structural Equation Modeling, Data Mining, Multidimensional Psychometrics and Multilevel Data Analysis.Volume II is distinct among available books in language assessment, as it engages the readers in both theory and application of the methods and introduces relevant techniques for theory construction and validation. This book is highly recommended to graduate students and researchers who are searching for innovative and rigorous approaches and methods to achieve excellence in their dissertations and research. It is also a valuable source for academics who teach quantitative approaches in language assessment and data analysis courses.

chapter |12 pages


ByVahid Aryadoust, Michelle Raquel

section 13I|2 pages

Advanced item response theory (IRT) models in language assessment

chapter 1|18 pages

Applying the mixed Rasch model in assessing reading comprehension

ByPurya Baghaei, Christoph J. Kemper, Monique Reichert, Samuel Greiff

chapter 2|23 pages

Multidimensional Rasch models in first language listening tests

ByChristian Spoden, Jens Fleischer

chapter 3|23 pages

The log-linear cognitive diagnosis modeling (LCDM) in second language listening assessment

ByTuğba Elif Toprak, Vahid Aryadoust, Christine Goh

section 99II|2 pages

Advanced statistical methods in language assessment

chapter 5|26 pages

Structural equation modeling to predict performance in English proficiency tests

ByXuelian Zhu, Michelle Raquel, Vahid Aryadoust

chapter 6|23 pages

Student growth percentiles in the formative assessment of English language proficiency

ByHusein Taherbhai, Daeryong Seo

chapter 7|21 pages

Multilevel modeling to examine sources of variability in second language test scores

ByYo In'nami, Khaled Barkaoui

chapter 8|20 pages

Longitudinal multilevel modeling to examine changes in second language test scores

ByKhaled Barkaoui, Yo In'nami

section 191III|2 pages

Nature-inspired data-mining methods in language assessment