Winner of the 2019 Robert Picard Book Award

The Handbook of Media Management and Economics has become a required reference for students, professors, policy makers and industry practitioners. The volume was developed around two primary objectives: assessing the state of knowledge for the key topics in the media management and economics fields; and establishing the research agenda in these areas, ultimately pushing the field in new directions.

The Handbook's chapters are organized into parts addressing the theoretical components, key issues, analytical tools, and future directions for research. With its unparalleled breadth of content from expert authors, the Handbook provides background knowledge of the various theoretical dimensions and historical paradigms, and establishes the direction for the next phases of research in this evolving arena of study. Updates include the rise of mobile and social media, globalization, audience fragmentation and big data.

part II|145 pages

Fundamental Issues in MME Research

part III|122 pages

Emerging Issues/Areas of Inquiry in MME Research

chapter 15|18 pages

Media Innovation

Three Strategic Approaches to Business Transformation

chapter 16|14 pages

Media Entrepreneurship

chapter 17|14 pages

Social Media

chapter 18|14 pages

Mobile Media

chapter 19|16 pages


A Distribution Perspective

chapter 20|16 pages


A Consumption Perspective

chapter 21|14 pages

MEDIA Globalization

chapter 22|14 pages

Changes in Journalism in the Digital Age

The Evolution of News

part V|28 pages

Future Directions in MME Research