This title was first published in 2000:  This work has its origins in a three-year research project initially entitled, "Do SEMI Registers Make a Difference?" and known, for short, as the SEMI Register Project. The research project was designed to monitor and evaluate the introduction of registers for people with severe and enduring mental illness (SEMI) in general practices across the Wirral. In the context of this discussion, and within the framework of the mental health and social care reforms currently being introduced, key issues in the targeting agenda include: definitional issues surrounding the term "SEMI"; practical and methodological concerns about how people with SEMI are to be identified and targeted; interface issues relating to multi-disciplinary working between primary and secondary care; issues concerning the evidence-base for risk management policies and strategies; the role of training in effective targeting; reflection on the potential consequences of targeting policies and initiatives; and the meaningful involvement of service users from all sections of society.

part Part 1|96 pages

Setting the Scene

chapter |10 pages


Edited ByLesley Cotterill, Wally Barr

chapter 1|35 pages

Targeting in Mental Health Services: The Policy Context

ByLesley Cotterill, Wally Barr

chapter 2|25 pages

Mental Health Inquiries

ByMaggie Clifton, David Duffy

chapter 3|22 pages

‘Serious Mental Illness’ — The Language of Moral Panic

ByWilliam Spence

part Part 2|41 pages

Perspectives on Targeting

chapter 4|16 pages

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

ByIan Davidson

chapter 5|7 pages

A Social Services’ Perspective

ByHelen Sumner

chapter 6|7 pages

A General Practitioner’s Perspective

ByRobert Wyn Edwards

chapter 7|7 pages

A Service User’s Perspective

ByPaul Golding

part Part 3|62 pages

Research Studies in Targeting

part Part 4|115 pages

Targeting Initiatives

chapter 11|16 pages

Targeting Mental Health Services for Minority Ethnic Groups

ByGurch Randhawa

chapter 12|25 pages

Targeting: The Role of Training

ByMick McKeown, Dave Mercer, Sara Finlayson

chapter 13|11 pages

The Management of Mental Health in Primary and Secondary Care

ByMark Agius, John Butler

chapter 14|12 pages

Team Working: From Theory to practice

ByVimal Kumar Sharma

chapter 15|18 pages

Establishing Mental Health Registers in General Practice

ByRobin Williams

chapter 16|29 pages

Assessing and Managing Risk in People with Severe Mental Illness

ByJohn Butler, Gary Lees