In the early 1980s there had been a marked increase in the application of behavioural methods in schools. However, much of this work was weak conceptually and limited in its remit. Behaviour analysis has more to offer education than ‘smarties’ and time-out.

Originally published in 1986, this collection of twenty papers, many of them experimental, serves to demonstrate the power of behaviour analysis in a wide variety of applications. The editors stress the importance of antecedent control, as well as consequence management strategies, and illustrate their relevance in solving problems in everyday situations at school and in the home. The Editors, whose own work is well represented in this collection, are acknowledged as leading researchers in this field.

part A|64 pages

Methodology of Behaviour Analysis

part B|59 pages

Antecedent Control

chapter |13 pages

Antecedent Control of Behaviour in Educational Contexts

ByTed Glynn

chapter |13 pages

Rows Versus Tables: an example of the use of behavioural ecology in two classes of eleven-year-old children

ByKevin Wheldall, Marion Morris, Pamela Vaughan, Yin Yuk Ng

chapter |14 pages

Variation in Question Rate as a Function of Position in the Classroom

ByDennis W. Moore, Ted Glynn

chapter |11 pages

The Effect of Adult Proximity and Serving Style on Pre-schoolers’ Language and Eating Behaviour

ByMary Baker, Mary F. Foley, Ted Glynn, Stuart McNaughton

part C|48 pages

Control of Social Behaviour by its Consequences

part D|63 pages

Control of Academic Behaviour

chapter |9 pages

Training Low Progress Readers to Use Contextual Cues: generalised effects on comprehension, oral accuracy and rate

ByElizabeth Limbrick, Stuart Mcnaughton, Ted Glynn

chapter |7 pages

A Behavioural Approach to Teaching Subsidiary Physics to Engineering Students

ByBrian Pickthorne, Kevin Wheldall

part E|35 pages

Training Teachers and Parents to Use Behavioural Methods

chapter |17 pages

Training Teachers to Use the Behavioural Approach to Classroom Management: a review

ByFrank Merrett, Kevin Wheldall