This title was first published in 2000:  Most African countries experienced dramatic agricultural market reforms over the 1990s. This has resulted in significant changes in the operation of the agricultural markets and, consequently, in income generation and welfare of rural households. In the case of Madagascar, the results suggest that market reforms and corresponding adjustments in rural markets have had an average positive effect on food security for the rural households. However, richer households seemed to have benefited more than the poorer households. This text provides a study of the market reforms, focusing particularly in the changes brought to welfare, income and environmental sustainability in rural areas. The study aims to be of particular interest to economists and those involved in development and environmental issues.

chapter 1|6 pages


ByBart Minten, Manfred Zeller

chapter 2|16 pages

Market Liberalization and the Agricultural Marketing System

ByBart Minten, Claude Randrianarisoa

chapter 4|22 pages

Brief Description of Socioeconomic Situation and Changes in Indicators of Welfare

ByManfred Zeller, Bart Minten, Lapenu Cécile

chapter 5|20 pages

Modern Input Use in Agriculture

ByClaude Randrianarisoa, Bart Minten, Francesco Goletti, Manfred Zeller

chapter 6|40 pages

Factor Use and Agricultural Productivity

ByBart Minten, Manfred Zeller, Claude Randrianarisoa

chapter 7|24 pages

Marketed Agricultural Surplus

ByBart Minten, Claude Randrianarisoa, Manfred Zeller

chapter 8|24 pages

Non-agricultural and Total Incomes

ByCécile Lapenu, Manfred Zeller

chapter 9|16 pages

Consumption Expenditures

ByBart Minten, Claude Randrianarisoa, Manfred Zeller

chapter 10

Nutritional Status and Caloric and Protein Consumption

ByCécile Lapenu, Manfred Zeller, Eliane Ralison

chapter 11|28 pages

The Critical Triangle Between Environmental Sustainability, Economic Growth, and Poverty Alleviation

ByManfred Zeller, Cécile Lapenu, Bart Minten, Eliane Ralison, Désiré Randrianajvo, Claude Randrianarisoa

chapter 12|14 pages


ByManfred Zeller, Bart Minten, Randrianarisoa Claude, Cécile Lapenu, Eliane Ralison